Bookmarks, please?

Not sure if this exists already, but wouldn’t it be cool to have readers be able to bookmark their exact progress on a Wattpad story? Readers are able to comment on specific paragraphs, so why can’t they be able to bookmark specific paragraphs? Then when they return to that Wattpad story, there’s a button that says something like “Read from bookmark”.

This would be so great. It’d be a good solution to the “how long should a chapter be” dilemma.


That’s exactly what I was thinking!


Absolutely. See also:


Sadly, the only reading list that does that is the private one “my library”. Once you enter, it ask if you want to read where you left off, but I don’t use my private library so that sucks.

It lets off at the paragraph you last read?

of course, none of this works off of mobile.

Yeah, any device off the mobile app, I know it only takes you to the chapter you last read in your library rather than the paragraph specifically (if I’m not mistaken).

Yeah, just the chapter. Which sucks because if you read more on web then it doesn’t update on the app that way. In chapter Bookmarks would be nice for both web and mobile.

True. And the mobile gets updates faster than the web, right? Because I remember it took the web A WHILE to get where the mobile is now.

I cannot say. I use both interchangably, but there’s always glitches on both, moreover on web since I guess mobile is easier to fix? I don’t know.

I think it’s the opposite. Mobile gets updated faster but it seems to glitch more often. Idk either rip.

I meant glitches moreover on the web, since mobile is easier to patch up those glitches lol

Who knows, they’re always kinda hush hush on everything and only seem to address problems with fifty people come out and post all over the place to get more answers.

Oops, sorry. xD
And true.