Books As Fuel


I think both franchises made a mistake by being headed by the same people who did the originals (JK Rowling wrote the screenplay to FB and Peter Jackson (who directed the LotR films) also directed the Hobbit films).

Rowling is going too full force with her knowledge of Potter lore and ruining the franchise with it - she’s trying to fit in all the techincally canon headcanons she couldn’t put in the originals and it’s not working.

And Jackson has expressed that by the time he was making the Hobbit films he was just tired and miserable and wanted to move on from the Tolkien universe entirely. (Guillermo del Toro was first choice to direct the Hobbit films and I still think he’d have done it better.)


I would’ve disagreed with you about Rowling- until the Crimes sequel came along. Good grief! How could someone screw up a promising series so badly? An action sequence begins, but is cut short so a group of people can stand around looking concerned, bloviating about their genealogy and motivations and other such dreck. I rarely get pissed off while watching a movie, but this one had me squirming in my seat, ready for something coherent to take place. Instead I came out of the theater, firm in my belief that Rowling and company have killed the franchise.


Apparently Peter Jackson was strong-armed to do it. They threatened to move production out of NZ, resulting in a tonne of people losing their jobs, so Jackson stayed on in order to prevent that. But he hated the project. Del Toro apparently did sign on, but then dropped it for some reason.

And yeah, Rowling is her own worst enemy. She needs to stop.


Sounds like Peter Jackson is an honorable man. And Rowling needs to retire and enjoy life.


Rowling needs to write something else and move on from Harry Potter. I know how it is to write a series that you just can’t let go - but like… I’m not gonna share the 13 spin-offs I wrote for that series. She needs to just invent something else and leave the Potterverse behind.


I feel really bad because she actually did try to write adult non-fantasy novels under a penname so people wouldn’t associate them with Harry Potter - but she was inevitably found out (and the novels were objectively not very good). All the reviews are essentially “JK should stick to writing Harry Potter”. She’s basically been typecast as a writer - no wonder she’s so obsessed with HP, it’s all she’s allowed to do.

It’s a shame because she is a really good writer. I think she’d be better off starting like, a new YA series under her real name than standalone adult novels under a penname (and also, like… write better novels). No way a publisher could turn down JK fuckin’ Rowling, so she can basically do whatever she wants.

(I also think she should try writing movies or tv shows too, since the first Fantastic Beasts movie actually was quite good if you separate it from Harry Potter. Her skillset is clearly transferable to a visual medium.)


I mean, if she tried to write another fantasy book, she might just get out of it. But I guess it is hard to break from a franchise as big and world-changing as Harry Potter. Maybe she should just curb her expectations to what the next thing is going to accomplish. It’s probably not gonna be as big as Harry Potter which almost from the getgo got cult status.

Also yes to all of this. Just stick within the Fantasy realm but leave Harry Potter behind.

And I totally agree with her screenwriting skills. She could write a fantasy tv series or something.


What about the other 900 pages?


I haven’t got to them yet, but I will when I have more time.


I have a few books that got damaged and all falling apart. I think they’re romances and a kids book, never read them actually. Those would be first. Than the other romance books I own and will probably never read.


Fahrenheit 451.

For the gags.

If anyone got my reference, thank you!


Not sure if my copy would allow me to throw it in the fire …


Don’t waste your time.


Ohhhhh, it’d break my heart, but I’d probably toss in the textbooks I’ve been hoarding in my closet first, then the books that lured me in with a good premise but had terrible execution


sorry to disappoint you but


Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I hope you’re a fan of really flowery writing…


I have found nothing I’d call flowery so far


Guy would think so too!


What? I was planning on reading that one day. My friend read it and said it was good…I think he said it was good?


It’s a reference to the book, haha.

Read it, and you’ll know why I said that. :joy: