Books As Fuel


I was supposed to read it in high school. But I didn’t cos…cos I…had…better things to do with-I was a shitty English student.


The 1966 movie is worth seeing. While it couldn’t include everything from the book, it’s still a fine film.


This evening’s offerings to the firepit include:

A Treasury of the Essay (edited by Homer C. Combs): After page 464- halfway through a D. H. Lawrence essay- pages 433-464 repeat. Then pages 497-528 appear. Yes it was the printer’s screw-up, but I was cheated out of more than thirty pages of essay material.

Till We Have Faces (CS Lewis): I love CS Lewis books, but not this one. Too much of a downer, with its retelling of the story of Cupid and Psyche. Never was much of a fan of mythology, anyway, so …

Black’s Law Dictionary: Took three years of law classes and never once did I use this doorstop of a book. Should burn for hours …


One of my wife’s University professors mandatory books were three of his own. They studied one paragraph of each of the $340 worth of books. Good ripoff and defiantly fire bound.


How infuriating. That happened to me my freshman year of college. If you can’t get a refund, I’d say it’s barbeque time!


Are you burning shitty books? Let me join lol
I just finished 50 pages of readings by my professor, someone help me haha


The Bookbecue is always burning. Grab that crummy tome, step up to the firepit, and chuck it in. But don’t forget the marshmallows!


On the main course this evening are the following fire starters:

Ulysses (James Joyce). It was banned once; why not again?

The Ambassadors (Henry James). It’s been on this thread once, already, but it’s so frikking boring it deserves another round in the coals.

Following the Equator (Mark Twain. Mark Twain on the Barbie? Outrageous, you say. But this travelogue is no Tramps Abroad." More like “Cramps Abroad.” He seems to be phoning it in with this book, so it only needs to take one more voyage- into the flames!


Aww this is my favorite CS Lewis book. :frowning:


Sorry. But I’m just not bright enough to understand what’s going on in it.