books in different languages in the same profile

I’m not new, but I didn’t know where to ask and I’m aware this is a noob question u.u. It’s probably a stupid question, but you can never be too careful with this sort of thing, I don’t really understand how the site works in this regard and my books have a good amount of reads, are showing up steadily in rankings, so I don’t want to mess with that.
The only stories I’ve shared are in english, but I’m considering adding a book containing a series of short stories in spanish. I don’t want to create a separate profile for those stories, is it possible to have books both in english and spanish in the same profile? Will it affect my older stories’ discoverability? If I share a story in Spanish, will that affect the rest of my books?
thank you!


No. You can publish your spanish stories also on the same account.
You only need to set the language of the book to spanish.

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The only problem I see is that if you choose to promote your books on your profile in an announcement, you’d need your followers to know that language.

Either way, both followers and readers grow with time - if you set your language correctly and there’s no bug preventing your stories from being visible to the Spanish community, there should be no problem.

Also, adding relevant and popular tags to the stories might help them become better known to users in no time.


so each book will show up in searches separately, depending on the language I choose for them? I’ve tried looking for tags in spanish (using the search bar) , but I don’t get any hits (only stories in english with tags in spanish or some word in spanish in the title. I tried looking for a friend’s profile, they post all their stories in spanish and I had to end up googling their story to add it to my library, it wouldn’t show up using wattpad’s search) , that’s why I got confused I guess, I thought my profile would be completely hidden from spanish-speakers’ searches. Sorry again, and thank you for the answer :slight_smile:

thank you :slight_smile:

The search is finicky.
Also, you’ll get different results searching for words or tags (add # in front of each word to search for a tag).

Also, don’t worry about tag suggestions, if no suggestion comes up, just make up your own tag.

Edit: I just did an experiment to check if the book I published yesterday shows up in the search yet.
When I typed in the whole title ”Remember that time we ran from zombies” - it didn’t show up.
But when I search for ”we ran from zombies” - it’s the first result.


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What ranking was your friend’s tag exactly?
If it wasn’t high enough, it might be the reason you weren’t able to find it. That or it was lost in a bunch of other books with similar titles.

Another problem might be that you didn’t set your reading preference as Spanish.

Also, mature books shouldn’t appear to you if you’re set as a <18 user.

HERE is the link to the ticket form, if your friend or you ever need to report a technical issue.

Offtopic, but you might also be interested in How to Add a Target Audience and a Time Setting to a story.

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I don’t read in spanish, so I’m not looking to set my reading preference as “spanish”. So, people with their reading preferences in spanish will find any books set in that language? And only books set in that language, I assume (since I couldn’t find my friend’s book using my reading preferences). That explains a lot! :see_no_evil:

I was talking about books in other languages, they never show up, but I got my answer :sweat_smile: apparently it’s all about your reading preferences (english, spanish, french, whatever) , I honestly never even thought to look there, I didn’t know that feature existed.

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The Reading Preference is not permanent, you can change it whenever. For your little test, you would’ve needed it to temporary be in Spanish.

Whoa. I had no clue. I just changed it. Totally different front page (though some English stories still show up).