books in order? Or something else??

@MichaelJSullivan I saw his blog and his series was published, but not in order. My first book introduced the characters and the first part of what the protagonist is destined to do. Book 2 I want to introduce werewolves, but I don’t know if I should introduce the first generation of all shapeshifters also. What should I do?

it’d be best if you introduced them as early as possible. it’ll help readers understand it better. unless, it’s a slow burn

Well, the real antagonist isn’t normal like he’s beyond chaos. You see, Chaos is the premortal of all of creation and destruction. The antagonist and protagonist are brothers, but they had a sister who was born as the first angel and she was the angel of hope her name was Grace-Anne. Grace was reborn with the name of Hope Moore.

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hm–since he’s beyong chaos, it’d be better if you introduced him earlier, then like revaled his secrets or something as you go. it’ll keep the readers intersted, because they’d be surprised every time. it’ll have an even better effect if you ended every chapter with a cliffhanger.

All this can be introduced slowly in the story, not in the beggining though. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: yeah, do you think book 2 should go? Or change it to something else?

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hmm, you can keep it. i mean, it depends on how many chapters the first book has. if it exceeds 50, i thinj book 2 should stay :slight_smile:

36 chapters for book2

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oh, that’s just like my series, lol
i think that’s good. :slight_smile:

46 chapters for book 1.

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mhm., i think you can try to even them out. my first book had 36 chapters, each containing about 3k words long. i wanted my second book to have the same amount of chapters, but changed it, since there are more things happening, lol. i added about 2 chapters (i’m still deciding though…)
but, i think it’s up to you. :slight_smile:

book 2’s about the protagonist’s new life as both an immortal vampire and full time hunter against monsters of the night. Werewolves start attacking based on brainwashed by one of the fake bad guys. At the end of book 2, one of the main characters dies and you find out that the new and powerless “Real” bad guy being awakened but in a locked host body since his true self is locked in a locket.

Book 2’s not even 20,000 words.

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then, i think a novel would be good. i don’t think you need to make a duology. the second book will be short, which doesn’t seem right to me, so a novel would be good. :slight_smile:

Michael’s series were published in order. He never published book three before book two.

HOWEVER he has published multiple series, and what he has NOT done is publish one complete series then the next complete series.

So you might get something like…

  • Series 1, Book 1
  • Series 1, Book 2
  • Series 2, Book 1
  • Series 1, Book 3
  • Series 2, Book 2
  • Series 3, Book 1
  • Series 1, Book 4

And so on. But each individual series WAS published in order. You can see the publication date for each book in each series here, and it clearly shows that the books in each series were published in order.

oh ok I misread. :frowning:

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How can I combine books 2 & 4 as book 3 but book 2. I don’t know what to do. :frowning:

I have no idea what you should do.

It’s not even 20k and has 36 chapters? Wow. I have books that are 100k and don’t even have that many. Is it a stylistic thing that your chapters are so short or are you doing it to increase the pacing/tension?

How long is book 1? If this is a series of novellas that’s a whole different (and much harder) marketing plan that full length novels.

Book 1 is approximately 63,000

20k is really short - that’s on the border line between novelette and novella.

Didn’t you say you had plotted this out to be a 6 book series? In that 20k have you addressed character development, advanced the book plot, advanced the series plot and deepened the world building?

What have your critique partners said about it?

No one critiqued my work just votes. :cry: