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I’m looking for well edited, well plotted ongoing or completed books written only in English sorry other languages to feature on my blog? If you’re interested in the exposure, feel free to drop your links, covers, and blurbs! All genres are welcome :grin::grin::grin:

Please not if your book is selected, I am likely to Dm you for an interview on my blog, I just feel like it would be a fun program for writers :grin:

Also I reserve the right to reject a story for any reason said or not

If you want to see what books have been selected, click this link!



what’s your blog called? :slight_smile:

The E-book Review, I want to offer a limited number of free e-books at a time, to my readers

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Here’s my book if anyone is interested in Greek Myth!
Genre: Romance
Status: Ongoing
In a world filled with hidden Gods and Goddesses, anything is possible. When 19 year old Aurora encounters one of the most powerful and intimidating of them all, her world comes crashing down with more complications than she had ever encountered.
How will her life change upon meeting the incredibly handsome God of Death, who wants nothing more than to help people survive ?


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Perfect! If you’re also interested I might contact you for a book interview! :laughing:

Wow, thanks! Sounds interesting!

So you’re interested?

Genre: Action-Romance
Status: Ongoing (one more chapter left yayy)
If you had told me that at eighteen, I would be pointing a loaded gun at someone’s head I would have called you crazy. There’s no way an ordinary girl like me would ever try and harm someone. That’s the thing though, I’m far from ordinary.
I’m Isabella De Luca at least that’s what my adopted name is. I never knew my real parents, but my adopted parents were amazing. They loved me as their own and never once did I feel unwanted. I remember those good times and I miss them often. You see, my adopted parents were murdered one night while I was at a school dance. I came home to find their bodies side by side with a single bullet to the back of their skulls.
I was only twelve years old when I found them. I was taken in by a woman named Margret and she changed my life forever. You see Margret is the head of an organization of assassins called Lotus. We’re guns for hire. We take contracts from anyone that has someone that they need “taken care of.”
From the time I was twelve until I turned eighteen, I was trained daily on how to kill someone quickly and discreetly. I was the best agent Margret ever had. I am a human weapon. I’m great with hand to hand combat and guns as well as the technical side of things. I can hack anything that you put in front of me with ease. My strong suit though is killing, it always has been. This is my life, and this is all I know.


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If the format of the interview would be in chat/email type, sure!

I’d call my story reasonably well-edited (you won’t find lots of bad grammar or punctuation errors). It’s ongoing, but only weeks away from completion. I hope it interestes you, if you can get past the click-bait name and the blurb that needs a lot of improvement :slight_smile:


Being forcefully stuffed into an enchanted bottle was not what Zanixa had in mind for her future.

When the mage that kept her as a part of his collection suddenly died, everything she had known for two and a half centuries was turned upside down. Her bottle is sold to Oscen, an Alpha who thinks that she is but an illusion.

After the bottle is opened, no one expected to see a living firefox kit. The pack adopts her, but none are too happy to have a fox in their midst. Will she find her momma or will the pack finally accept her?

And the link :slight_smile:

Added, thanks! We’ll schedule an interview about your book soon!

My romance book is ongoing with almost 80 chapters :slight_smile: (And well-edited.) What a nice idea!

Because you’re different
Genre: YA Romance

What if your body doesn’t always do what you want it to do?

For June, this isn’t a question, but a daily reality. As a fourteen-year-old with cerebral palsy, frequently dropping stuff and being stared at by complete strangers is nothing out of the ordinary. Other than that, life is great, until her parents decide to move to California.

With all her friends miles away and nobody there to protect her from boys stealing your lunch, school becomes a lot more complicated than it had been. Then, she befriends Sam Redstone, a shy boy who’d always been invisible to others.

June’s days improve drastically with Sam by her side, and when she meets his older brother Nathan, she finally believes her cousin Valentina might have been right about sexy California guys. Slowly, she and Nathan develop a unique friendship, one that, June finds herself hoping, might someday turn into something more. But as the years go by, she’s starting to think she might never be with him that way, or any other man for that.

Oooo, this sounds interesting. Would it be like directing people to Wattpad to read that specific book?

It’s going to be a chat, very simple and I hope it’ll help you direct readers

Yessss that’s what I want to do bc there are not enough sites like that online and I always stick to sites like that!

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Hi! I have a fairly well edited ongoing book you might like :slight_smile:.

Title: The Wings of Storm
Genre: Portal fantasy adventure
Tahro Akagi shouldn’t live in two worlds at once.

Yet forced to spend his days studying by a no-nonsense mother, he longs for adventure. At a moment of desperation, Tahro finds himself in Saishuu Riku, the lands of his favourite book. Engrossed in this world more than he ever thought possible, Tahro saves a character’s life.

But if a butterfly’s wings can bring thunderstorms, then his every breath is another flap as it flies, his every heartbeat a danger to those around him.

Unwittingly, he plunges too deep into the conspiracy of a witch biding her time against the continent. When tensions rise between the ministers of Saishuu Riku, and children are kidnapped by a man with butterfly-patterned knives, Tahro knows he’s changed the plot too much. Events that should happen don’t, and his new friends are caught in a crossfire he wants no part in.

And when his friend is kidnapped, saving her could put everyone else in danger. Yet Tahro can’t stand by and watch.


please put the link

Hmm, well in that case, this story is a paranormal murder-mystery that’s almost complete, with a little over a few more chapters to go (22 chapters so far) It’s called Lake Bellinor: Whispers of the Lake! ^-^ (Genre: Mystery/Thriller)

No one forgets the first time they lived through someone else’s nightmare.

You can’t get rid of it . . . you can’t ignore it . . . you can only control it.

Tyler Loftman comes to realize that when he is given a gift in which he has no idea why or how. Living through the dead isn’t something anyone wants to experience, yet to his distaste, he has no choice but to live with it. Whether it’s a curse or a blessing, remains unsaid.

So, when a girl turns up in the middle of the lake; no name and no witnesses, this may be his chance to figure it out.

In the town of Lake Bellinor, anything is possible.


I did I just noticed I didn’t put it sorry

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