anyone used their services? All sounds like spin to me, but I’m curious if anyone has used them to promote their work?


I once started a thread here asking if authors paid for blurb writers. After all, they pay for editors, cover designers, etc. Skills the author doesn’t have.

This is sort of what I was thinking about. It’s all about marketing which most authors don’t have a clue about. If he’s good at what he does, he’ll be successful. I guess it’s like hiring a publicist.


I’ve never used their services, but I do know they are aggressive spammers and BGS (and titles they promote) are banned from many author groups and cross promo events, due to the activities of the service.

For example, many authors run promotions through BookFunnel. Those promos are genre specific and usually have other conditions around type of book and how/when the promo should be shared. BSG will add ALL their titles to EVERY promo, regardless of genre or if it fits. Authors have complained in many groups about how they have to waste time removing BSG titles from promos.

BSG spam groups and social media with endless buy links to books. I’d be curious to know how that’s working for the authors who pay for the service.


Spamming is not marketing. Maybe his 25 years marketing experience is with a company that does robocalls. :frowning:


Thanks, that’s a clear red light for me. reminds me of these people who cold-call me to sell rubbish. Or worse, robot calls. For me, it would taint an author, and I would never buy the book.