Bored af so lets laugh 2.0

Feel free to type funny events that happened to you or something idc

Hi guys, you got the thread closed down so I’m making a new one.

hey wassup

Hi nm u?

yeah I was helping fallen with finding thier sexuailty and thats how it got shut down I think?


wow thats really cool, I love seeing video’s like this

Hello motherfucker

Insert the meme sup angie

I kindly ask you not to swear on this thread because I seriously cba to make another one if it’s shut down… fell free to replace a few letters or something idk

helloooo :smiley:

My undertaker friend died. He had a coffin fit.

I don’t think ik how to respond to that except R.I.P


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Hello gooood afternoon

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um… hello??

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