Ugh i should study u.u

What a wonderful morning

That was unexpected

It made me smile at least. Imma send him what i write later

O. O

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owo greetings to this strange realm

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Thank you for the kind welcome Rose

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No prob uwu what brings you here?

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I didn’t get to talk to him today

My mood is terrible lmao. Maybe not getting to talk to him is okay cause i probably would’ve snapped at him

Like earlier… Okay, he kinda called my attention and showed me something but i was panicking so much cause of the news writing thingy because i was looking for a friend that i was just like "what that? "


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I wear glasses now.

My nose is constantly itchy .-.

I feel terrible

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I feel like i was so rude

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Don’t worry, I’m sure he understands uwu

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Thanks Ky T^T I’m usually like… okay. My mind’s just so uncooperative rn. I was panicking every second of the day, i feel. And a part of me wants to apologize to him, but it probably isn’t much of a big deal. But idk ;u;

What’s up btw?

You should calm down xD eat food or something o^o

I wear glasses now. Takes some getting used to tho

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Dinner is in a few cx I’m just trying to get ahold of my mind rn

Woah o-o since when? Is your head hurting because of it?

That’s good uwu what’s for dinner?

Since yesterday o-o not really, my nose just itches where the glasses rest on it

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Lumpia yata xD oh gosh. My mind just wants to sleep rn T^T

Ooh. Namumula minsan yan no? o-o when did ya get your eyes checked tho o.o malabo na mata mo?