Boyxboy gets the most attention on Wattpad?

We all know every category has its own readers but, as far as I’ve seen, boyxboy category catches more attention than the others, am I wrong?
As a homosexual person, I’ve never considered writing one but I really enjoy reading the category. Apart from LGBT+, I’m sure there are some straight people who like it as well.
What’s your opinion?

Straight people, women more than men, have weird… fetishes about boyxboy relationships, which makes it popular.

Personally, I’m ace and not into pure romance plots no matter if it’s boyxboy, girlxgirl, or boyxgirl. Though I am writing a boyxboy, and it gets the least attention of all my long books, probably in part because it’s not instalove or a relationship based on physical attraction.


Yah some straight women really love the whole beeXbee/yaoi/BL where it’s basically has fuckall to do with actual gay couples and dynamics and is just straight women’s fantasy of what a male gay couple does. There’s a lot of super problematic tropes - like falling in love with their rapist and/or kidnapper, forced marriages, bully is secretly gay and then falls in live with the gay kid he bullied… There’s so many bad takes in the category. And then there’s just a bunch of porn which… Is obviously written by someone who doesn’t know how gay sex works. Like at all :joy:

There’s also a few good stories. Most of them written by other queer authors. I’ve come to just not searching because most of the results have been stuff like “My Bully is my BF” or “My Bear Daddy” (okay bear daddy was on amazon)


That’s because white straight girls have a huge fetish about gay boys and it’s pretty cringe

porn? where?


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Personally, I’m not a fan of BxB. As a queer woman who loves women, I prefer to read and write stories about other queer women. And as many have already stated, most of the BxB stories on here (most but certainly not all) are fetishizing, demeaning, toxic, and just plain gross to read.


I don’t really think it attracts the attention of others immediately. I will say I have written a MxM book and compared to my other books it was the least popular on Wattpad. I did take it off Wattpad and self-published it and right now it’s in the top 100 of the genre on Amazon. It’s not an erotic novel, it’s a novel of self-discovery and sexuality.

A lot of straight women have read the book and love it, some of those women have emailed me and said they only read MxM books, that’s their preference and won’t read anything else but books with only gay characters in it for whatever their reason. But a lot of men have emailed me about the story and said they relate to either of the characters.


I know I don’t read a ton of bxb on WP. It tends to be steamy in a way I don’t enjoy. F/f tends to be sweet and cute, which is what draws me to it. All the romances I read are just fluffy. No sex. More then just raw attraction. Most of the time it’s a subplot of sci fi or fantasy.

That said, all the adorable characters @Olivaughn pumps out will forever have me hooked.

I’m also not a fan of the tropes Fraise pointed out, which tends to drive me away from the genre as a whole.


I adore your existence. Also, I WILL BE BACK TO THIS THREAD BECAUSE I’M AN OPINIONATED HUMAN who so happens to be in la clase de espanol right now


Thank you! I adore yours too.

Also I’m super looking forward to your opinion. Have fun habla español!

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Ya. Not true. Where do you think the term yaoi comes from? :face_with_monocle:


Gay fetishisation

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That’s not all it is…


Are you suggesting that out of all the categories that you believe this one (boyxboy) catches the greatest attention?

This entire website is geared more towards female children and teenage girls. Everything about sex at their age is probably intriguing especially what they don’t know or not used to.

I’m sure as most men fantasize about girlxgirl (lesbian) action that some (if not most) women fantasize about boyxboy.

I’m a straight woman and I really enjoy m/m, but not because I have a fetish? That’s a pretty divisive notion. (Granted, there are a lot of hardcore yaoi fangirls out there who for SURE take things too far lol).

I do prefer reading and writing (slowburn) m/m over w/w simply because I’m attracted to men, so it’s easier for me to capture / understand that romance (that’s not to say I don’t have my fair share of w/w ships. But they’re a little less relatable). I think that’s a big reason for its popularity – the genre straddles some of the LGBT community and some of the straight female readers.

I’m writing a few fantasy / sci-fi series off wattpad with BxB romantic subplots. It’s never about sex…just your typical enemies to best friends to husbands XD.


The fantasy and shipping aspect really really really annoys me of BxB. Like, you don’t do that weird fetish thing with most straight couples, so why do it here? side eye


There is quite a community of people who read bxb and mxm stories including me (a gay male). But attention wise I personally couldn’t tell you as I’ve never written a straight book before.

There’s definitely some females who fetish gay men and it’s absolutely disgusting. I’ve run into my fair share and it’s extremely uncomfortable.


I write MxM, bxb, here and publish on Amazon. I’m also a member of several fb groups for those who read specifically bxb. Yeah, for most of them its a fetish.
I don’t find that I have a huge readership based on the bxb tags here. If anything, some readers are strictly looking for the romance and the sex as a main plot point. I’ve tried and can’t wrap my head around writing a plain romance. I have to add something else to it, and mainly label my stories bxb and MxM so the readers don’t freak if somebody kisses somebody. I’ve also scaled back on the erotic scenes for wattpad because of my reader base. The ages of my readers scares me a little and I do label it mature.

Technically you’re right, but 95% of the time when I’ve read something marketed as yaoi, it is through a fetishistic gaze so like… where it came from isn’t what it is now.