Branding Yourself As A Writer

I’ve seen a lot of people asking about branding lately, so I thought I’d try to help out. That being said, I’m no expert. This is just my take on what I’ve learned so far and what looks like it works. Maybe a place to start if you’re completely lost.

Branding yourself is essentially picking out that slice of ‘you’ that the readers get to see and interact with. It’s a balance between highlighting important things to you, and keeping a steady flow of posts, pictures, and news about your writing career. But here’s the thing, no one wants to follow someone who only posts ‘read my book! Buy my story!’

On the flip side of that, no one wants to see the tiny everyday things about your life. “Have to buy new toothpaste today!” and “Who knows how to tell if a grapefruit is ripe?” Are not interesting things for readers either.

So what’s that balance? The balance is highlighting the important things to you. Take something your passionate about for that more personal slice of who you are. But you also need to showcase who you are as a writer. Let’s see some examples:

Look at Tamara. This is the top of her website, and it shows exactly who she is as a writer. Sexy books for sharp women. The graphics even showcase a beachy vibe. This is a writer of sexy beach reads. The rest of her internet presence continues to show this too:
These are from her website and instagram. The colors, graphics, and content all keep showing a writer of beach reads who enjoys her relax time in the sand. You can also find her love of her dogs present as well. Now, what don’t you see? We don’t know that she just broke a nail on her car door, or that she’s thinking about having a greek salad for lunch, or that the grocery store was packed today. We all have those little things in our days, that’s nothing that separates you from everyone else. We all deal with lines at the store, we all eat lunch at some point (okay, there are variables here, but you get what I mean). But we don’t all have a relaxed beach vibe with our dogs and books on the sand. That’s a very Tamara thing, and her social media shows us that part of her.

Let’s look at another one:

I can tell right away that Elle is a traveler, and books are an important focus for her. The rest of her site continues to showcase these exact features about her.
Traveler, writer, enjoyer of books. Does she buy groceries, sigh over the line at the store, collect stamps? Maybe, but that’s not the bit we’re seeing here. She’s highlighted these aspects that are important to her and are something interesting about herself to show her readers.

So what do you want to take from all this? Try to find some of those things that you like to focus on. A hobby. A passion. A cause you fight for. But also consider what it is you write. Dark romance? Fluffy friendship adventures? Space dramas?

When you have all the ‘pieces’ of you that you want to make into your brand, you will now have multiple sources to draw from when you make posts. You don’t want to post several things in a row about one aspect of you, you want to switch it up. So maybe one day you post about your latest WIP, so maybe tomorrow you post about that charity you’re super passionate and involved in. Maybe next time it’s your obsession with cooking/food/recipes. You have those selection of things to post about, and you remain a writer who is relatable. They can see the person behind the books, and you stay relevant with posts about your writing too.

I hope this gave a slightly better glimpse into branding for some of you who didn’t know where to start. Again, I’m no expert so if anyone here has experience please feel free to add to the post! (Maybe I’ll learn some more myself :wink: )

Don’t mind me putting this on watching…

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Out of curiosity, how do you brand yourself? You have shown two other writers, but I’m wondering how you do it.

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Haha, since I’m newer to exploring this branding stuff I didn’t use myself as an example. But I do have some things that stood out to me about my writing and who I am. Every one of my books focuses on some kind of love, romantic, family, friends, etc.One of those will be highlighted in the story, and I always have a fantasy aspect to my stories too. So I have a tagline of ‘love with a touch of magic’.

So from this banner at the top of my website, it gives that little line and you’ll also notice another big thing for me. My plants! I’m really big on my green spaces. I’ve only started my social medias as a writer recently, but here are a few things I have so far:
2 3

As soon as it cools down where I live, there will be a lot more shots in my garden. Does everyone have a garden? Well, a lot of people do, that’s true. Do they obsess over it? Maybe not as much as I do :sweat_smile: so it’s a big highlight of who I am, because I’m super passionate about my plants.


Ahhh, I’ve always found this hard to do because I never know where to start or how to even use them. Plus I’m not entirely sure how to go about expressing myself through these. So, I’m really glad you brought this up.

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I hope this helps a little! And if you ever want to PM and brainstorm I’m open to that too. Sometimes all you need is the right person to bounce ideas off of haha


It does! And now that you bring that up… I do have a few questions about this topic specifically. Is it okay if I pm them to you?

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You sure can! I’ll try my best with them

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I’ve thought about it, but I don’t have fiction ready to release, so I haven’t built anything yet. Under my real name, I’ll brand myself with dogs, horses, and country life. Especially dogs, because my fiction always includes dogs. I’ll include my nonfiction here, because it too is dog-related!

There’s an urban fantasy series in my queue, and if I ever get to it, I’ll brand the pen name I use here, and I’ll brand it differently. I’ll link the sites, though, so I can take advantage of as much crossover as possible.

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Wow! Sounds like you have a solid plan. And you’re already very well branded under your real name, which is awesome.

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These were really good examples! Both @ellekirks and @TamaraLush are on point with their branding.


They really are! I asked permission to use some screenshots first, but they are some of the better branded writers I know <3 I knew I had to use them haha

Thank you! I really try to focus on three things: Books (my own and others’), Dogs/Me, tropical stuff.

Also: I try to keep my fonts similar, and I have five brand colors. I also use a photo filter so that many of the photos have the same look. The key here is consistency.


I wouldn’t have thought of the same filters! (Runs to look at my insta real quick)


You can use the ones that Instagram provides, or you can get fancy and do photo pre-sets for Lightroom!

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I have a preset that I use on VSCO!


I love the tagline of sexy books for sharp women. That let’s me know exactly what to expect from her. It’s also perfect for marketing her brand. I think it would be great practice for those wanting to build their own brand to consider how they’d describe their books in one line. This is something I’m going to do myself this week!


That’s an awesome thing to try out! Plus, it’s a big help if you run into someone somewhere and they ask. Then you already know what to say because you practiced it haha.


You make me think it would be perfect to have on hand for book events and conferences! The last writing conference I went to not many people could tell me what they liked to write in a quick and concise way. Many rambled or could only tell me genre, but having a quick and easy tagline would have made it so much clearer to me.


Like a quick reference guide? That’s brilliant! And I could put my loglines in something like that and review them before I meet an agent or industry person. <3