Breaking the unspoken rule: Including yourself directly in the story. Good idea?


Ah sorry I misunderstood what you meant.

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Don’t worry I misunderstand myself constantly

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That’s a fair point!


That’s a good point.


Life experience does produce varied results. No two experiences are the same, but I feel like that’s what makes an author standout - the gull to write the truth of their experiences from their lens - they aren’t saying it’s a good or bad experience but just sharing their passion and drives in the most intimate way possible: pen on page.


I would agree - the difference between the original dream and what I’m writing are visible but the environment, circumstance, and the emotion of the dream - to me - make it worth writing.


I’d say both. A reflection of my emotions, passions, mistakes, and flaws. As well, as interjected into a larger universe - a fantastical Exaggerate form of this universe.


I sometimes think of adding myself as a cameo that would appear for two lines at most. Like, a school mate that is just around, has my real name, and that, considering I’m anonymous I would be the only one to notice and nobody would understand why that character exist if they even remember his existence by the end lol
Not sure if I will do it though

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I was just wondering about the same thing, so bless you for this post!

I’m a bit of an odd one, in that I actually really like author segments. I chalk it to the fact that I grew up reading manga where it was done seemlessly, but having the author talk jokingly about their interactions with the editor.

It has a similar feeling, that people get when watching Steampunk: Zrustyness.

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Wait, are these examples good or bad? :sweat_smile: Is this what you mean by it can get tiring?

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I’ve done this and I have a lot of experience I can share with you.

First of all, anyone who knows you will especially dislike this, because they will not be able to read the story without thinking about you and that will completely destroy their ability to suspend their disbelief. Personal experience: my writing class was SO UPSET when i did this and they all hated it! Haha!

Next, people who don’t know you will be able to stomach this a LOT more. Like, quite a bit more. They don’t know you so they can suspend their disbelief and you are just a character to them who happens to have the same name as the author. Personal experience: I posted a story on Wattpad with me as a character and people liked it.

Now, there are ways to make this more palatable to EVERYONE:

  • Don’t navel-gaze. Don’t go deep into your soul and have an existential crisis on the page, where you’re clearly having some kind of personal therapy experience at your readers’ expense.
  • Use humour where possible. If you can bring out the humour people will be much more likely to accept it.
  • Have a DAMN good voice. Which means you need to develop your own true voice. I mean, REALLY develop your voice. When I was younger I cared so much about how I sounded, that my voice was kind of blah. The more I got in touch with my own personal voice, which is witty and kind of ‘fuck you’ (but in a nice way) the more people liked my ‘me’ character.
  • Be demure/humble and put yourself down a bit. I mean if you come across as a pompous ass NO ONE will stomach it. But if you show your weak sides (not like your victim side and all the horrible things people have done to you, but the horrible things YOU’VE done, your own dark side) then people will really dig it. It becomes some kind of performative art that people can dig.
  • Lastly, make something about you and your character really different. For me, I made my character really old. I call her Old Shalon, and she’s a hoot! I fucking love her. And guess what? So do ALL of my readers. Every single person, without fail has said that Old Shalon is their favourite character in my epic series with five main pov characters.

Sorry for this epic response, but as you can see, I have a lot to say on this topic. I hope it helps in some way. Good luck.

P.S. Old Shalon wanted to add: “And tell people who tell you to follow the rules to go fly a kite!”

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Friends and family will almost always dislike your writing, especially if it is about you or them, or anything they know about.

Almost everything I write is from experience, about me and others I have known. I see nothing wrong with doing it and it has worked well for me. What you are doing sounds great and I would not bother to explain it to anyone who does not write themselves. It’s best to write what we know, and we know ourselves and our lives the best. The best realism of feelings we can infuse into a novel are our own, because we have truly experienced them and lived them.

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Stan Lee it!


Thank you for your humbling advice, I will do my best.


True words. I’ve received a bit of skepticism from those that know me - but it’s difficult to show the bad in this fictional universe and a way to survive beyond it, without a strong connection the universe we’re all born in. I want the fiction - to still be fiction - but surreal… so I’m gonna do my best to showcase all the warts.