Broadcast Notifications to Announcements



I am delighted with this update :joy:


I can’t send any announcements and the last one I sent was the 7th.

Is this a known error or should I put in a support ticket? I suspect it might be my browser limitations but just wanted to check.

Thanks kindly.


Have you tried clearing your browser?

If you have, I’d suggest sending in a bug request.


Cool. I’ll give that another go to clean the browser, test and try. If problem persists, I’ll raise a case. Cheers :slight_smile:


@VeronicaPurcell3 Hey there :slight_smile:
Can you please have a look at this-


Before this update, people were complaining about getting notifications from unknown people.
Now they are complaining, because they feel lonely, cz no one interacts with them as before… :man_shrugging:


The last one they sent was on the 7th, multiple days ago, so there’s no possible way they could have hit the limit.


Thanks. I did some further trouble shooting on my browser (Chrome) and it was to do with the cache and cookies. It seems when the update had occurred it may not have updated to my logged in session. By clearing the cache and cookie, logging in and out of the browser. I was able to post an update.

All good :slight_smile:


That would be really easy if ALL notifications were sorted, for example:
[filter by:Comments]
shows all notifications that fall under that category
I’m glad the announcements have been sorted the way they are though, because i would get almost nothing but announcements from people i followed forever ago.


We don’t see this on this thread, but someone shared the comments of Wattpad’s update book…

There was this one comment that was like


And my god, this might sound dickish, but if you were keeping track of someone suicidal, shouldn’t you use, oh I dunno. Maybe Twitter? Not Wattpad? Because Twitter, you can follow it easily ya know. Because you get notifications from them. Like, Twitter is made for status updates. Wattpad is for writing and reading. Not… well. Check ups.


:clap: :clap: :clap:

However, those kids might have parents that don’t allow the usage of social media like Twitter but either make an exception for Wattpad or don’t know it exists so they can’t monitor their activity on it.


Not only that but maybe they can bookmark the url or remember their username.

I’m also wondering if people who watch them ever reported to WP for self-harm. :thinking:


@Julian Didn’t know where to post and have no idea if Support did see my suggestion. My sincere apologies since this is totally off-topic but wanted to share for your feedback-
When Support asks for feedback on the reports that they have solved, I had suggested to Lauren something on the lines of-

This request has been rated as:


With the following comment:

Can I suggest something, Lauren?
You can consider rephrasing ‘We’d love to hear what you think of our customer service’ to something like this- “We’d love to hear your feedback on our customer service executive.”

‘Customer service’ comes across as robotic and downplays all your hard work. ‘Customer service executive’ not only gives you a role/title but also gives off a warm feeling of talking/interacting with a human.
Hope you don’t find my suggestion offensive, Lauren :slight_smile: I’ve lots of love and respect for the Wattpad Support team- Emily, Andie, Michaela and you. And would love to be of help in any way I can.
Cheers, Nab =]


You know, I thought this meant that the announcements would remain separate, but multiple announcements from one author would be grouped up in one xD


I actually really like this update!
Now I can follow writers on twitter for the twitter style announcements, without having it hide the important stuff here.
Good job wattpad!


@Julian This survey doesn’t show up. It might have been closed or deleted. I suggest that you please remove it from this article-

Wish you a Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

Thanks =]


I’m really getting tired of receiving notifications from authors who just state “I’m going on hiatus” or “please vote for my book,” yada, yada, yada. Authors abuse this, posting multiple times a day, leading me to see that I have a dozen more notifications than I do.

My suggestion:
Along with lumping all author announcements into a “broadcast notification” bubble, TURN OFF NOTIFICATIONS FOR ANNOUNCEMENTS.

We should only get notifications for mentions, books in our library and lists updating, new followers, and activity related to our books like votes, comments, etc.

When I receive 10 notifications and NONE are related TO MY ACCOUNT, there’s a flaw in this system and it’s gotta change.