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Done! Checked out chapter 1 and chapter 5c just for you :wink: I wish I could have actually helped at all but mainly I just made reaction comments as your writing was really good. There were like basically no errors, so I struggled to point much out. I definitely think you need a new cover though! Overall, really enjoyable and Will sounds like a snack.


Hi! Thanks so much for this! And I’m sorry. It’s a really rough draft, so I’m not sure how cleaned up it is. But it’s my NaNo story, so I didn’t stop to edit it much.


Title: tuesday & max
Genre: young adult
Blurb: Tuesday lives with her aunt after the death of her mother in a car accident, following remission from cancer. Angry at the world, she rebels against her guardian, her education and her nervous peers, and it isn’t until she meets Max, with his own burdens to bear, that she begins to learn how to navigate the tumultuous waters of college, friendship and love once more.
Payment Completed: yes, i checked out antihero and loved it!
Are you looking for feedback on something specific? just your organic thoughts as you read. no need to necessarily think like a critic, unless you want to; i just want to know what goes through your mind on a first impression. :slight_smile:


Done! Great read and such an interesting idea - the type of story I love to read!
I would love to see a new cover which has a grittier feel, but that’s just what would make me click on the story to check it out. The current cover wouldn’t catch my attention.


Hey there! Just getting to your review now, but would be great if you could leave an honest comment on either of my books (whichever interests you!)


Done! Wish I could have helped more but your writing was gorgeous (especially for NaNoWriMo first draft!)


Done! Was so much fun to read (funnily enough this has been in my recommended reads for a week or so now). Actually, I may as well tell you - I never clicked on it (even though I saw it often) because I didn’t really like the cover. For some reason it just felt too… road trippy? I just saw it and was like ‘ugh another road trip romance’ - if that’s not what your book is about maybe you should look at changing it? No joke, I saw it in my recommended books like fifteen times but never clicked on (not even to read the blurb)!


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title: Behind The Scenes
genre : romance
blurb: Cori Ashworth, a 17-year-old girl who lives in New York and Mark Harisson, an 18-year-old boy who lives in London, have their lives turned upside down when they both come across two antique copies of the book ‘gone with the wind’ ,which hide an old and mysterious secret.

A book about never knowing what goes on behind the scenes in someone else’s life.

i’ll also add a link :

payment: i followed youu (permanently) (if i get the time i’ll read some of your book lucas)
also i’d looove it if you could review chapter 2! (you don’t have to have read chapter 1 to understand its plot cause it’s a different pov)
i hope i’ve added everything


Title: Book Title Champion - Free Kick Ass Titles
Genre: Nonfiction (Help Book)
Blurb: “A list of book titles for all to use. Feel free to ‘Comment,’ but no prior permission needed. Enjoy!”
Payment: For my first request from you I both followed you and commented on your story. Let me know what you might want me to do this time around.
Are you looking for feedback or something else? Just looking for comments on some of my listed book titles.

The comments don’t have to be extensive. The lists are divided by genre, though I’m trying to make one overall listing of all the titles in alphabetical order.

Thanks :blush:


wow! this is the first time i’ve heard that my work has been showing up in recommended reads, i’m buzzing! it’s super a bummer that you don’t like the cover, though; the van is related to the accident that kills tuesday’s mother, so it does have some eventual context.

what type of cover do you think would fit it best on your first impression? :blush:

thank you for all your feedback, by the by!


Hmm I’m not sure. I guess, when I look at the cover with the combi van and blue background and whimsical colours, it makes me imagine a travelling romance, rather than one set at a college. Obviously you know your story best, so it’s up to you, but if the van is what killed her mum I still wonder why the cover gives off such a happy-go-lucky feel (especially the van!). I wish I could offer some ideas, but I can’t even think of good cover ideas for my own books lol I lucked out and found good designers!


Done! I read both chapters, since they were quite short! Really unique idea which I like (and I wonder who this mystery boy is - was he Mark?)


I did it for free for you, since you’re a beloved return customer:kissing_heart:


The Curious People of Yesterday & Tomorrow
A series of short stories that eventually join up to make sense in the end. All of these stories have to do with people that uncover the secrets and potentials that lie within their world. Along the way, monsters, heroes, and new eras will rise.
Just wondering if the first part feels too short.


Done! I am interested about your idea, especially after reading the blurb. Would love to see a more exciting cover to really draw readers in! Overall your writing is nice, you just need to focus on the ‘show, don’t tell’ mentality more!


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thank you so much for taking the time to give me feedback, it means a lot to me!




Title: Blame the goddess
Genre: Werewolf, vampire, witch
Blurb: we meet Callum ‘Cal’ Yorke an omega, a hybrid of the Elders and humans, who after much physical and emotional abuse and pain decided to bypass his goddess and change his destiny with the help of a god. Cal dares to forge a new way for his wolf and himself, changing the status quo along the way. Sometimes the bad we know may or may not be better than the bad we don’t know. And occasionally, the weakest is actually the strongest and they end up changing the norm. And having and making a choice is the strongest thing there is
Payment Completed: Y – A permanent follow
Are you looking for feedback on something specific? Any feedback, insight, advice will be appreciated.


Thank you.