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Title: Dreamt
Genre: Teen Fiction
Blurb: Elise Silva exists only in the shadow of her twin Jeremy. The lack of attention she receives in reality causes her to find solace only when she dreams where she is always with Jay. Jay provides her constant company, protection, and reassurance. However, when she meets Luke, Jay completely disappears from her dreams. Although devastated by Jay’s abrupt disappearance, Luke pushes Elise to open herself up more and shows her the benefits of manifesting her reality over the facade of living in a dream.
Payment Completed: I will permanently follow you and I will definitely check out one of your stories!
Are you looking for feedback on something specific?: Nope! This is my first time writing so I will appreciate any form of feedback or critiques.


Done! Such an interesting idea and your writing style is so descriptive and eloquent. I wish my writing was this good when I was 14 (or even now, lol)


Hey there! Done! Such a creepy read and you mastered your narrators voice so early on. Really intriguing.


Hey there, you say you’re looking for feedback on something specific but don’t say what. Let me know what you want me to look for in your writing :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! <3


Thank you!


Hi, may I request a feedback on my work?

Title : Tales of The Demi Human

Genre : Action/Fantasy/Romance/Adventure

Blurb : Follow the journey of Kyran, a fallen human as he paves his way to find his purpose and reclaim his destiny. He came from Earth to Lumia, a vast world offering anything beyond one’s imagination, from demon races and sacred beasts, sword and magic and…wait, are you serious, martial art cultivators and high-tech mecha? Adventure, companion and love is awaiting!

Payment Completed : Yes (I follow you)

I really appreciate what you’re doing to us fellow writer. Thanks!


Hey there - this story is not on your profile, if you want to request something else, then let me know!


Done! Another great chapter, with awesome writing! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Antihero chapter 2 (if you haven’t commented already~)! I really didn’t have a lot to say again as your writing was simply too nice :slight_smile:


Hi! Nice meeting you! I would love if you can check out my book, it’s such a great idea that you’re doing this and I would love feedback. x

Title: Different Worlds
Genre: Teen Fiction/ Romance
Since her mother’s death, Amelia West has wanted nothing more than to follow in her footsteps and attend Manchester College. When the acceptance letter finally arrives, everything else in her life seems to fall into place. Mia’s best friends will be by her side in college and her family is as happy as they can be.

Her life was planned out perfectly. Until a simple accident sends Mia’s life in a direction that she never expected.

Literally bumping into Prince Xavier Windsor of Mandosia made enough of a mess, but when Mia discovers that he and his brother are attending the same college, complicated isn’t a big enough word to cover their relationship. As Xavier tries to get closer to her, they’ll both find out if love is enough to keep two people from separate worlds together.
Payment Completed: Yes, I followed you :slight_smile:
Are you looking for feedback on something specific?: Not at all. I hope you enjoy my novel x


Done! Such an interesting idea, especially Jay. I would love to have his conjured form explained a bit more - is he misty (think Edward, when Bella was on an adrenaline kick) or is he physical (does she literally think he’s there? Has she ever tried to touch him?)?

I am totally digging this and, even though I read the blurb and I know it’s not Jay with whom her relationship develops, but I am totally digging these cool ghost-BF vibes.


Hi, I have requested a review before. Have you started working on reviewing my work “Tales of The Demi Human”? If not, is it possible if I kindy ask you to review another work of mine instead? it is my latest work, “When a Retard Fell in Love”, but I think I should warn you beforehand that it’ll be pretty challenging and different from what you’ve been reading due to its “unique” nature. If you’re not interested in reviewing this work, it’s okay to just stick to the previous one.

Title : When a Retard Fell in Love

Genre : Romance/comedy/ …absurd?

Blurb : How a ‘retard’ view his world, in his own honest words, and gradually learn to fall in love in the most honest way.

Payment Completed : Follow :slight_smile:

You can review it in any way you like whether in-line comment etc as you see fit.

I went out from my comfort zone and try a different approach in my writing style. It’s an experimental project, so I need an honest feedback. I won’t force you anyway if you find it too hard to read halfway, but I’d really appreciate it if you can make it to the end as you can see what I’m trying to convey in the end. Thanks.

Oyeah, in case you have started working on my previous request, please ignore this message. Thank you :slight_smile:


Title: Lifeless

Genre: YA Sci-fi

Blurb: Sheltered by close friends and family, Faith has led a peaceful life. Her only worries are adjusting to high school and passing her classes while still making time for friends.

One day, that all changes when she finds out she wasn’t born a human like the rest; she’s forced to transfer schools because of who she is. Different. An artificial human.

The change does more than just transform her life; it transforms this timid girl into an outspoken member of a rebel group. A group that wants to fight for her freedom.

But when an ex-member tries to raise doubt about the group’s intentions, Faith must decide who to trust. If she makes the wrong choice, she could pay the ultimate price.

Payment Completed: I’ll complete it if you accept my request. (will aim for tomorrow)

Are you looking for feedback on something specific? Pacing is my biggest concern.


Hey, so funny you applied now! I was literally just getting to your first application - but I guess I will skip it and go to this one?


Accepted :slight_smile:


Title: The Deviants

Genre: Fantasy

Ever since the Great Purge nearing twenty years ago, Deviant executions have gotten fewer and fewer. However, despite what the king may hope, that doesn’t mean the magic users are disappearing. What illusionary tranquility the kingdom of Regnum has basked in for so long is about to be shattered. A loyal healer seeks knowledge, an insouciant warrior desires violence, and a humble hunter pursues peace. With brambles growing at their feet, lightning flickering in their eyes, fires dancing in their palms…the Deviants refuse to live in fear any longer.

Payment Completed: Yep, gave Antihero a read and comments, though it really has me hooked so I’m gonna end up reading all of it, haha.

Are you looking for feedback on something specific?
Any feedback is very much appreciated, but I guess I’m just worried my first chapter isn’t interesting/captivating enough to make readers want to continue reading the next chapters. I’ve tried many variations and this is the best I can come up with in terms of setting up the world and protagonist. Thanks in advance!


Title: Shambolic, Scattered Thoughts
Genre: Random/Poetry
Blurb: Collecting the shatters of a broken Self. A written compilation of moments, emotions and thoughts.
Payment Completed: Yes, I followed you :slight_smile:


Alright, I did this one, not the first request. It was hard to review, because I didn’t know what mistakes/weird word choices etc were done on purpose and which ones weren’t. Overall, I liked the idea but I think it needs some work to develop a clear idea of what readers expect from chapter one of a story! Such a nice idea though, to see a romance from the other side.


*Title: A Celestial Requiem

*Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

Blurb: “A Celestial Requiem” tells the story of a young woman, Mingxia, who lives in Shangzihua, an impoverished village that lies on the outskirts of Wuzhen. Ever since she was a child, she was exposed to the villagers’ hostility. They knew she wasn’t human and they were fearful of her capabilities.
Mingxia tries to quietly live out her life in the shadows as an herbalist, but fate won’t allow her. She’s tormented with dreams of a mysterious woman and a prophecy that she is expected to fulfill. To make matters even more complicated, the Crown Prince enters her life and she can’t help but feel a strong, unbreakable connection to him. Mingxia must wrestle with her feelings for the Crown Prince all while coming to terms with a prophecy that could jeopardize the future of the realm of Naestrirea.

*Payment Completed: Followed you~

Are you looking for feedback on something specific? Nope, anything will be helpful to me when writing future chapters.


Title: Judge’s Vanquish
Genre: Romance
Blurb: Vanessa Trent is a Fallow - a woman past the age of 21 who is unwed and with no children. Where many see it as a curse, Vanessa sees it as freedom. She employs this freedom to make a decision that will forever change her life. In order to support her father and siblings that are drowning in debt, she sells herself as a dancer to the court of Ryne. It is there that she meets the reserved Judge Troy Collins, and a forbidden passion spurs between the two. He challenges everything that she ever was, and everything she wants to be.

Payment Completed: Follow
What am I looking for: I want to know how well the first chapter is in terms of presenting the futuristic time period that is old-fashioned and if there are any parts that are confusing