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Ah thank you so so much! I am so happy you enjoyed it and that you got what I was aiming for!!! :smiley: There’s definitely a lot of planning for this story so it’s great to see when it’s picked up on!


Title: Lamb Amongst Wolves.

Genre: Historical fiction fantasy.

Blurb: Deep set in the viking era, two clans war against one another when a greater evil calls them to peace. The terms are set yet their alliance is flimsy. With forces moving against one another and one man challenging the world, everything changes. In this twisting tale of an antihero and his partner you’re sure to be on the edge of your seat for every new development.

Payment Completed: Yes, an honest read and comment on Antihero.

I’m looking for feedback, what the you liked and how you felt when you read it.


Done! My god, Tash, you’ve outdone yourself lol. I had literally nothing to point out apart from 3 typos. It was gold.


Thank you so much Brooke. I loved reading all your comments! i think this was the first time in a long time Ive had over 30 notificatons haha. i love it :heart:


*Title:*Dragon Tales: Golden Blood
Genre: Fantasy
Blurb: The story of a lost land that was divided after the war. Former rulers of the land, which were dragons, were lost without leaving the subjects at the mercy of fate.

After many years, a mysterious boy with golden blood appears. Nobody knows who he is or where he comes from? What mysterious history is hidden behind this figure and what influence will it have on the fate of the entire land?
Payment Completed: done followed
Are you looking for feedback on something specific? review and opinion of what has been written in my novel so far

Link :


No worries! Wish I could have actually given good feedback, but it was way too good!


Hey! I’d love to receive feedback from you

Title: Rigel

Genre: Romance/mystery

Blurb: With the horrors lying beneath the land of Eir haunting those who suffered, the underworld needs a new reign, one to destroy it. A vengeful pirate captain takes it upon himself, seizing a Navy doctor to expand his sovereignty. But shortly after, a form of affection stems from a broken nose and a pool of retch between two captains on opposite ends of the law

Payment completed: Yep, followed (AND I’m going to read and comment on your stories because they look amazing? wait for me, friend)

Are you looking for feedback on something specific? Not really, I’d appreciate honest r&rs in general :blush:


Thank you in advance!


Title: The Luna Amongst Alphas
Genre: Werewolf/Mature Romance
Blurb: Zara Denver, Luna of the Solstice Pack, finds herself leading the strongest pack across the globe. She’s the first female werewolf to lead an entire pack by herself… and unlike most females, she’s ruthless, but how much is she willing to sacrifice to keep her position of power?
Payment Completed: On my way now to follow you, and I’ll add your books to my reading list because I want to read them eventually (:
Are you looking for feedback on something specific? Just overall thoughts on my story so far, and hooks at the beginning of chapters.

If this isn’t something you’d be interested in reading I completely understand (:
Thank you!


Great! Done! Another amazing one! I have been dying for this vampy action and you finally brought some (although, a tiny, tiny, amount). Can’t wait to read on!


Hey there! Your book ‘The Rise of a King’ is no longer available. Let me know if there’s a different book you want me to review!


Done! Honestly, that cover is so darn good. I didn’t think I was going to like this is as much as I did, but it is absolutely amazing. Well done!


omh sorry! Would you mind doing ‘Heal Me, Kill Me”? Apologies for not telling you before hand :slight_smile:


Done! Such an interesting first chapter which really kept me entertained. I made a lot of comments but I didn’t have anything too substantial to say, as your writing was really good.


Wow, done. This was a rollercoaster of emotions. I loved the MC, hated him, shipped them, didn’t want to ship them - honestly, idk anymore what I am really feeling. Your writing was clear and smooth and i really enjoyed this weird line between good and bad you’re toeing with the MC. Can’t wait to read more!


Done! I love your cover and I realise now, after looking at your profile, why some sentences were a bit unclear. It looks like English isn’t your first language - so to that I say bravo! Your writing was fantastic. You did a great job at world-building in this chapter.


Done! This was such a great intro and I cannot wait to read on. I was looking for a pirate romance, as oddly niche as that is, so I am happy you requested. Your writing is amazingly detailed and you’ve done an excellent job with characterisation. If anything, I would only suggest a different cover. I do like it, and the picture is clear, but it doesn’t catch my eye very much and the title feels a bit awkwardly left-out and off to the side, like the picture is more important.


Hi, thank you for your review, I really love it. It’s fair, detailed and hit the mark. I hope you don’t mind if I ask for another review for my next works. Thank you once again!


No worries! Feel free to request whenever you want :slight_smile:


Thank you! I was actually just sitting down to change the cover just now (I hate it, but adding this story to wattpad was an impulsive decision and I knew that if I didn’t upload a placeholder, I’d quit in 5 minutes)

Your review was great, and you pointed out things I thought no one would notice. I really appreciated your insight, and am very glad you enjoyed it. Thank you again!