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I’m ready to request for my new first chapter. Should I do the payment again? :thinking:


No need, you read all of Antihero anyway, so I will do it without! (because you’ve practically paid ten times over lmao)


Thank you! I saw all your great comments. They’ve really helped me a lot, thank you!


Hahaha, good. You bet I’ll keep reading it anyways. :’)

Anywho, shall I PM you the google doc or just post it in here? I’m good with either one.

Oh, and it’s the same story as the form I did last time, so I’m guessing I don’t need to do another form?


Just post it here if possible, that was I can keep track of completing them in order!


Here it is:

Thank you so much!


Done! I love your cover - it’s gorgeous! Overall you have smooth writing with clear characterisation, which made it fun to read. I do think you need to work on the general direction of the chapter and including some more plot-related information, but it was a fun read with great action scenes.


Done! Definitely not boring, as you did a good job setting up her hatred of Wednesday and fleshing out their relationship before his death. I really loved it!


Done! Such smooth writing - I didn’t find anything I didn’t like. Your character development is on point, clear characterisation and glimpses into their personalities which I loved. Honestly, just a 10/10 read.


Thank you so much! I mentioned this in the comments section on my chapter as well, but it bears repeating: your comments were so encouraging. It’s the best to feel like I’m able to sit over a reader’s shoulder and hear what they’re wondering and reacting to. Very helpful! Thanks again!


No problem! It was a really good read! Honestly, there was nothing to comment on apart from my own thoughts and reactions - because there were no issues in your writing! It’s obvious you’ve spent a lot of time and effort perfecting it!


Awww, thank you! Now I just have to do that polishing process for approximately five million more chapters and a sequel! :laughing:


Hi! I’d love for you to review my book!

Title: Imperial Moon
Genre: Werewolf
Centuries ago, the Moon bestowed a gift on a small village.
The people that lived there were forever transformed, becoming wolves in the night.
Generations later, the wolves learned control, shifting form at will, and the modern-day Werewolf was born.

Katja has been running for 8 years.
When a rogue wolf chases her into unknown territory, she comes face to face with the most terrifying pack on Earth.
Can Katja escape the brutal Alpha?
Does she want to?
Will her past catch up with her before she has a chance to decide?
Payment Completed: Heading over to follow you!
Anything specific? Character likability… anything really.


Hi! I’d love to get some feedback on my work :blush:


Title: Nightfire
Genre: Fantasy
Fear the dark. Bar the doors. Don’t breathe a word. And wait for the Hooded Men to save you.

The people of Nictaven live in fear of the night; governed by magic no one save a few can control, in a land plagued by demons and cannibal tribes, and isolated from all other worlds for centuries, they’re right to. Only the Unspoken, a secretive guild of warriors linked with the land and its magic, provide any safety when darkness falls. For centuries, it has stayed like this.

But in an abandoned crypt worlds away, Jordan Haverford is about to change that.

It wasn’t quite the holiday he had been hoping for.

Plunged into a world where who you are and what you believe can kill you, a world of demons and myths made real and knives in the dark and wars fought from behind the doors of the rich, Jordan’s gentle Oxford upbringing isn’t quite sufficient preparation. Instantly a pawn in a political game, he finds himself in the company of an Unspoken who has an uncanny knack for finding the Gifted - and Jordan can’t seem to get rid of him.

Payment Completed?: I’ll go over and follow you now, since I want to read both your books as well :sweat_smile:

Thank you so much for your time!


Thank you so much! I will take all of your advice, thank you for taking the time to help me!


Title: The Apprentice and the Lost City
Genre: Fantasy / Adventure
Emma Marsh has always been known to have her head in the clouds. Dreaming of things such as riding dragons and casting spells, everyone in the city of Sonder knew that the child’s dreams would never come true - dragons have been extinct for hundreds of years and, not to mention, she’s not even a witch! However, on one fateful day, it is revealed that Emma is the heir of the legendary wizard, Merlin.

Now, with powers way beyond her control and the whole world keeping their eye on her, Emma will have to prove that she is worthy enough to wield her new magic…But, how on earth will she do that if she can’t even pass her exams?

Payment Completed: I’ll be happy to follow you :slight_smile:
Are you looking for feedback on something specific? Nothing specific comes to mind. It’s still fairly new so I’m mainly looking for other’s opinions on it. This is my first time writing a story like this one so any criticism is highly welcome.

Thanks in advace! :hugs:


Hey there, just went to review this book but it doesn’t look like it’s up anymore! Let me know if there’s anything else you want reviewed :slight_smile:


Done! Such an interesting read and I didn’t expect to be as hooked as I was. You’re a master at characterisation and personality building.

Can’t wait to read your comments on Lucas (if you haven’t commented already!)


Title: Against All Odds
Genre: contemporary romance with a bit of drama

Blurb: A story about conquering your fears, finding your place in life, falling in love and fighting like hell to keep that spark of happiness once you find it. (the entire summary in the link)

Payment Completed: a follow but I’ll check your stories later as well.
Are you looking for feedback on something specific? Nothing specific, just need your opinion from a reader’s perspective.


Title: Alive Like Me
Genre: Romance
*Blurb:*It’s a story about a girl trying to survive her very human life just like anyone else in this world. There were endless challenges and of course some extra dessert at the end of the day.
Payment Completed: Following you soon =)
Are you looking for feedback on something specific?
Just anything that came into your mind. Thank you for your help!