{Brooke's Cover Shop} Simple covers! Premades available. [No Queue OPEN] please request, I'm bored

Hi all.
I’m offering to make simple covers. You can also ask about a premade (put the title of the premade in the ‘anything else’ section of your form.

No manipulation covers as I’m not skilled enough for that!


  • Read and provide a constructive comment on the first chapter of my new story ‘Lost in Amon’

  • Read and provide a constructive comment on the first chapter of my completed story ‘Lucas’

  • Permanent Follow (Least preferred, but I understand we all have time constraints/may not want to read my stories)

You can find both stories on my profile, here.

Please don’t complete the payment until I have accepted you (I mean, I don’t mind but I don’t want you to feel like you’ve put the effort in if I turn your cover down).

Short summary:
Cover ideas:
Anything else:

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The Invisible Boy imagine us in heaven delicious Peppermint Kisses Flawed Encore Flowers in a Crowd bloom like fire and ice The Andromeda Boy Chosen for pleasure mark of a star jungle love lips of life the last human when the sun sets2 magnolia The Gamer I C h o r



  1. @CreamyBunzKat : Complete / Waiting for Payment
  2. @EStone05 : Complete / Waiting for feedback and Payment
  3. @XxKelsXKaosxX: Complete / Waiting for feedback and Payment
  4. @thelongestjourney : Complete!
  5. @AbeehaB : Complete / Waiting for Feedback and Payment
  6. @_NegativeSpace : Complete!
  7. @_illuminating : Complete!

Examples from this thread
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We're all lost1 when the sun sets2 alice 3 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Dark Side of The2 love, lavender 1kl Memoirs 2 4 S t a r s a b o v e2

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you do book covers?

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I’m trying <3 Do you have a request? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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can you do the shadow of a couple holing hands? with the title When The sun Sets

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Sure! Can you fill out the form from the first post so that I don’t miss any information?

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uh where’s the post? I’m afraid I missed your first post

Right at the very top of this thread! There’s also examples of my previous covers <3

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Title: When The Sun Sets
Subtitle: None
Author: @CreamyBunzKat
Short summary: I’m still working on it T^T
Cover ideas: shadow of a couple holding hands looking at the sunset
Photos/examples: I haven’t found any that fits my description]
Anything else: nothing

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I’ve tried different shops but its either they take long time [like a week or something] or it doesn’t fit my taste

well, I’ll have a go and see if I can help!

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I’d also love if you check out the same post where you go the form to see the payment. I’m looking for some feedback on my new book x

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ok! happy to help!

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Hi! I’m recreating a lot of Public Domain books and would love some cute, simplistic covers for them!!

Title: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Subtitle: N/A
Author: Lewis Carroll
Short summary:
Cover ideas: I think it’d be cute to have a cartoonish cover, with maybe a cartoon girl staring at a rabbit in a waistcoat with a colorful background? I’m not too creative so I’ll let you take the reins lol
Photos/examples: I can’t really find anything I’m sorry!
Anything else: nope!

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How do you feel about these? I made two with your request (as good as I could find it, anyway) with a shadow of two holding hands, and one with a cool photo I found that I liked lol.

We're all lost We're all lost1 when the sun sets2

(To make them bigger, drag the image to a new tab).

Accepted! I’ll have a go :slight_smile: