Brutal Critiques That May or May Not Be Oddly Nice At Times

Subject line: Brutally honest critiques

Post: Explain how you can help people with their story. Give examples, share photos or reviews. I’ll be doing some five/six-paragraph critiques on your first chapter. I’ll also critique your cover and summary, along with writing a few comments on areas I think you need to fix on the chapter itself. If you wanna read some of my critiques, you can take a look at them on a separate thread by @neveratlast.

Payment: Read three chapters of my book, The Old Gods.
Link’s here:

Ooh and here’s the form:

TITLE: Alis Grave Nil
DESCRIPTION: “Knowledge may be terrible, but we can only prefer it to ignorance. Light may be terrible, but we can only prefer it to the dark.”

Blake Dustfall, Victor of the 74th Games, never expected to win, and neither did anyone else.

Mayzie Sycamore was the youngest Victor in Games history. She went into the arena an orphan and emerged, victorious, with a family to take her in.

Nyx Montenegro-Palmer, Games commentator, was District before she was Capitol. She’s spent the past seven years looking for her missing brother, who was rumored to be a leader of the rebellion stirring in the Districts.

Somehow, their respective paths end up leading them to the so-far rumored rebellion. How ironic it is, that it was a rebellion that tore the country apart before it was brought together, and that it will be yet another rebellion that brings the Districts together before Panem gets torn apart.

Is this still going on?

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