My bias is all seven and I love Spring Day


Hola, estoy aprendiendo español. Tambien, me gusta Stigma. Lo siento si mi español no es muy bueno.


I love it! Perhaps I can train my brain to do the same so I can read some good books that use Y/N xD


Meeee! I was a writer before I became an army. I became an army in DNA Era and have been stanning ever since! I even recently started a BTS short story/fanfic so I’m excited for that! :smiley:


omg! I had been dying to find a form like this! I am a writer too actually I began my very first bts au!
p.s hello other armys! i hope we can become friends!

I am Aisha by the way


Helllo my bias is Yoongi and idk how cafes work this is my first one


Yaaaaazz calling all Yoongi stans


Ugh I stan the whole rap line but all members hold a special place in my heart :heart:

I recently just started a BTS x Male idol group fanfic, and I’m sorta new to wattpad in general

But seriously, PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one here who has been an ARMY since 2013??


welll same after this update for sure! i don’t even get the notification for it


i wish i could say that "cries’


Oh same XD I am also working on a short fanfic right now and oof


hello I don´t know how this work… haha but hello to everyone:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


heyo army right here!

my bias is good old hitman bang. opparr is so hoootttt lmao.

my favorite song is baepsae i think? (struggle is real)


Hey everyone! Im new here! I was wondering if anyone wanted to be friends? I would also appreciate some criticism on my new ff called “Forever we are young” I just don’t know if its too… disturbing? Thanks! Also my bias is Hoseok. Who is yours? :slight_smile:


oh really? wow. what is it about?


i feel you. its only struggle when it is bts hahaahah




hello fellow armys im in great need of mutuals that are willing to be friends with me :") i recently just began my first story on this account and i realized that i want online friends


also m y bias changes every day so i cant really say one member specifically but ive been a fan since mid 2016 ! i actually went to their concert like 2 months ago


omg im so annoying but my favorite song is 2!3! idk like today i totally blanked out on oneo f my tests and was kinda sad abt it but listening to it gave me sm strength u feel