Business Class Lounge (Chit Chat)

Hey guys,
Just wanted to create a topic of my own, you can chat here about any random thing, just nothing that’ll hurt someone else :blush:. So yeah, CHAT ON ABOUT ANYTHING RANDOM I DONT MIND!

Someone join please

There was a fire at my school.

Omg what, is everything ok?

Yup. Thankfully, we managed to get it under control. The whole time, I was struggling to keep my kids in order and not panic myself.

Omg I’m glad everything’s fine. That sounds really scary though

It was. What a day!

How are you doing?

A fire? Holy crap if I were there, I’d probably scare myself to death

You can’t do that if you’re the only adult among a classroom of excited kids. :joy:

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True. My mental age so happens to be 10 years younger than my actual, so that explains my immaturity :joy:

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Nah, it just comes with practice. :joy:

What’s up?


Stuck in school. It ends in 2 minutes so ready to be the first one to run out

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On your mark, get set…



Yep, did so. Was literally the first one to leave school

That’s great to know. xD


Hi! How are you?

Not bad, you?

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