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Do to the Covid-19 my work was shut down, which means im at home with nothing much to do.

I will be accepting Graphics in batches no bigger than 10 requests. The size of the batch will vary on the types of graphics requested. There will also be a 2 request maximum for ALL requests. to make sure you’ve actually read this, the real password is “This is gonna hurt” HOWEVER I would like to say, graphics such as Covers, and basic gifs will more likely be done quicker then manip gifs and gif aesthetics. A couple other things I’d like to mention are. 1) graphics not picked up within 3 days willl become premade. 2) graphics must be used with in the week for at least two weeks. also because I can’t edit the main thread, PAYMENT or PREMADE and BASE COVERS is a non-critizing comment on a story of my choice


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these are just my recent favorites

ggtg tgf copy seals copy copy wnd wolves copy coh copy jokee copy wc copy red2 copy

give up the ghost, The green flame, Sealed and lets play a game are premades

hp roxx billie cir light WWWWWW

these are premade bases, premades I started and never finished

premade form:

Old title:

new title:



Anything eles:

base form:

base cover: (which row/position)

new title:





changes: (optional)

inspo: (optional)

Anything eles:

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I really like that second-non-finished-premade. I have a story I’m working on that would fit that — how would I go about requesting that?

I made a form (I thought I had added it originally but forgot) all you need to do it fill it out

base cover: top batch, first row, second base.

new title: Socialite

subtitle: A Harry Styles AU

author: Laura Ann Lee

genre/theme: fanfic

additions:(optional) Could you add the playboy logo somewhere? Ang give it a nice psd colouring and make it all smooth looking?

changes: (optional) Could you change the girl to Harry Styles; maybe one of these photos: 1 2 3 4 5 I like the last three most because it matches my title and story. The font should be a nice readable cursive or anything that looks nice.

inspo: (optional) n/a

Anything eles: Beware of Butterflies. Thanks


You are accepted, please complete payment ( a non criticizing comment of any size on a story of my choice) on rather the wolf next door or the scarlet shepard



here is your graphic, please dont forgot to credit
soc copy

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I love it! I will credit you!!

Just another graphic stalker who wanted to tell you I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR COVERS!!!

aww thank you

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TITLE: Shattered

SUBTITLE: (Optional) n/a

AUTHOR: Dredge

FACE CLAIMS: (If necessary) n/a

SHORT SUMMARY: It’s about a girl that gets used twice by a guy she loves and the second he leaves her it leaves her shattered.

IDEAS: I was thinking a girl with black looking into a mirror that’s been shattered and you can see her face. Or a girl wearing all black with mascara tears running down her face.

[center]INSPO PICS: (Links Only) image image
image image image

ANYTHING ELSE: This is gonna hurt


you are denied, sorry I just don’t think I could do your ideas any justice

That’s alright. Thanks for looking at the request.


TITLE: 27 and Counting

SUBTITLE: (Optional) N/A

AUTHOR: Jessie G.

FACE CLAIMS: (If necessary) Lucy Fry, Ben Barnes

SHORT SUMMARY: Since the start of the year Sirius Black has been flirting and pranking her non stop,She wants to get the bottom why he’s doing this. Watch as Celeste and Sirius go through many obstacles in their friendship.

IDEAS: Have lucy in the center and Ben off to the side with the title on top and castle in the background, i give you creative freedom if you choose to do anything else

INSPO PICS: (Links Only) https://www.pinterest.com/pin/822681056919256491/ https://www.pinterest.com/pin/822681056919256528/ https://www.pinterest.com/pin/822681056919256529/ https://www.pinterest.com/pin/848365648528195192/

ANYTHING ELSE: “This is gonna hurt”

Heyyy there!! So I just wanted to drop by and let you know that, the cover you made for my book Nefarious Words has won Best Cover(overall) in The Atla Awards 2020!!
So I just came here to say…
CONGRATULATIONS!!! :partying_face:

old title: give up the ghost

new title: this was not the plan

subtitle: n/a

author: josephine

anything else: this is gonna hurt. it will be posted semi-soon! thank you so so much!


You are accepted, please complete payment on rather the wolf next door or the scarlet shepard