Button arrangement


(Would’ve used #feedback_interface, but alas, no such thing exists)

As you all know, some time ago, the arrangement of where the “Create” button was changed on the site. It moved to right next to your profile picture, and changed the button to “Write”, giving it several options as well. That top bar is the same across most pages, except one… The inbox.

I assume they’re supposed to be the same, so in case HQ doesn’t know about this, here you go :slight_smile: Unless it has something to do with the PMs software which is quite possible.

Photo evidence

Also, how the heck are two books with 9.8k and 10.4k reads respectively ranking in #1 and 2, while I can’t even touch the fantasy tag? ;-;


Hmm interesting

rankings = very messy, lol


I mean, good on the #1. With 91 parts and only 9.8k reads, I think you deserve some love…

But that’s besides the point


Thought it also depends how quickly they got those reads, right? Like I hit pretty high in werewolf (old genre system) when I jumped a few thousand reads in a few days, and before that I barely ranked. Then I dropped again.

Lol, I think that is the pointtt. Besides, fantasy is generally a really hard list to get in along with romance.


Sometimes I think they forget about the inbox page. If you notice, it’s also the old colors too with a touch of gray instead of the eye piercing white. Only thing that changed was the color of the header bar.

Before I made my own dark mode the inbox page was literally the only page I could still read after the re-brand because it wasn’t 100% white.


The inbox is a breath of fresh air. I still cannot support this rebrand, it makes my head hurt every singke day

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When Firefox add ons crashed the other day and I lost my Stylish add on where I built my dark mode I couldn’t use Wattpad again until they were up and running. As much as I HATE add ons, spending 2 days making that was the only way to get the site functional for me again. It’s not perfect, but given I really didn’t know what I was doing I’m quite happy with it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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