Buying Reads?

I’m not trying to cast stones at anyone in particular at all here, but I’ve been bumming around Wattpad for a couple weeks now and been noticing a number of stories that are substantially higher in reads than me but sport a huge discrepancy between their reads and votes. It’s to a scale that it makes me wonder if folks are buying reads and if that’s acceptable or not?

For example, my read to vote ration is around 4-1, which seems low but whatevs, that’s cool. But some stories I’m seeing, the ratios are more like 60-1, which–come on, that can’t be right. Someone has to be liking what they’re reading, if these stories are getting so many reads.



No. It just happens like that. Here are stats for one of my stories. I do zero adverting for this one. As you can see, several chapters have views in the 50s but only two or three votes.

I mean, maybe some people are somehow buying reads, but it’s also just how wattpad works. You’re always going to have more reads than votes.


I think that there are a lot of people that honestly forget to vote. I almost forget it, most of them, if I wouldn’t be writing myself and knew how much it’s appreciated if I vote on a story.


OK, this helps out a lot. Thanks, you two - my perspective has shifted


It’s more likely people will buy votes and comments, since those matter more in my opinion.

I’m more suspicious of extremely high votes in ratio to the reads. I remember a novella during a wattpad contest I ran into: the book had a ridiculous amount of votes. Not even the good books had ratios like that. I honestly thought the writer was vote trading, which is against wattpad rules. In her latest chapters there were no comments, so my suspicions were increased.


If you re-edit your chapters, there’s a glitch where when you read your story. The view of yours is counted.

It’s weird.

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This is definitely due to the fact that most people read, but don’t vote, so that’s how you get many reads, but few votes.
Unfortunately many readers seem to forget about that tiny vote button or some only vote on the last chapter.

That indeed seems also suspicious to me.


If you write mature works, there’s a higher chance you won’t get votes, as voting isn’t anonymous and some don’t want mature rated works to show up on their feed or activity.

Also, the more reads you have, the bigger will the ratio from reads to votes be - often because of rereaders. :slight_smile:


I’ve also noticed this.


So, I’ve noticed certain things play into that, but don’t necessarily mean people are buying reads:

1- it depends on the book if its erotica or not. On erotica people usually don’t vote for not wanting others to know they read such a thing.
2- if you edit your work and only have the option of “publish changes” instead of “save”, every time you publish a change it will count as a read.
3- every time you enter your book to read it as a reader or to reply to comments, it counts as a read also…
4- if the author has a lot of followers they usually get really high reads in proportion to votes because their followers might check their book out quicker than those with few followers, but not necessarily votebif it’s not a very successful book.


I don’t know about buying reads. The high read : low vote ratio is a common thing in general.

It’s more so on certain categories. Example is romance category. Stories there tend to attract chatter readers, so they may vote and comment more for stories they like. I have one in this category that attracted the most chatter/voting activity than all my other stories in my active catalog.

Whereas Magical Realism, Historical Fiction and such type of categories tend to attract more of the silent readers. Most of my stories live in those categories, so I’ve experienced this quite a bit. I’ve found that those readers are of the traditional type, who delve into the story and keep their enjoyment as a moment to themselves. They are the Silent Reader.

If reader votes, some tend to vote:

  • as a bookmarker to show they have read a chapter and moving to the next.
  • as a gesture of “do your best”.
  • at the end of a book club review and such to show task is done
  • or I like the story or chapter.

There are many reasons why people use the vote button.

So, high read : low vote ratio is common to sum up. Especially if you have stories marked mature like mine.


Not necessarily, there could be a number of different reasons for it :slightly_smiling_face:

As a story gets more reads, the ratio tends to decline as more silent readers notice it/ have the story promoted to them. Chances are there’ll be readers who vote only on the first or last chapter as well - I know I’ve had this happen before, however my read count shows me they’ve read more than one chapter :smile:

There’s also the matter of draft chapters - some books may have unpublished chapters that have a lot of reads, but while the reads remain after being unpublished the votes ‘disappear’ from the overall tally, making the ratio seem more divided than it actually is. One of my books has a roughly 1-45 ratio for this exact reason :slightly_smiling_face:

Majority of readers on Wattpad are silent ones - they may not know how the voting function works, or simply would rather continue reading straight through without pausing. Either way, the fact they’re reading your story is pretty cool ^-^

I hope this helps clear things up a little - for all I know there may be instances of paid reads, however I’ve never come across anyone doing that and it certainly isn’t the norm :slightly_smiling_face:


I get a lot of reads on my stories and votes are a bit less. There also is a vote glitch going on, where certain people try to vote on stories but something isnt going through. Apparently some people have been saying that votes are going through even if the app and PC says they’re not. This is a Wattpad wide problem and something they need to sort out in the infastructure. People could also be not voting thinking that their votes won’t go through. There’s no telling what is going on. My most recent chapter has 101 reads and only three votes which seems a little odd considering how many reads I have.

But only time will tell. The majority of readers on here are silent and some don’t even pay attention to the vote button. They want to read and binge on chapters.

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And the inability to revote (kinda sad it doesn’t reset after a certain amount of times)


Also some books… just may not be as many peoples cup of tea.

However, yeah, the higher the read the bigger the read to vote ratio is. Along with other reasons probably already mentioned.
Also sometimes the WP stats lag a bit so one may update quicker then the other?

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The vast majority of my readers are ‘silent readers’. I know they are enjoying it enough to go through the whole book, because my reads are scaling consistently from beginning to end. But most people honestly just read and move on.

People aren’t buying reads. I would know, as I’m one of the authors that has a huge difference between reads and votes. That’s just how it is on WP. There are many ghost readers that don’t vote or comment at all. There aren’t as many interactive readers out there as there are general readers, and that’s just fact at this point.

I have a really high vote and comment ratio. It’s not because I bought them but because I’m in reading groups or book clubs. My silent readers don’t really vote they might sometimes but most of my comments and votes are from people I asked to give me feedback.

I think that’s where you will see the discrepancies. People who don’t promote and join community book clubs vs people that just naturally let the stories grow.

— Some people don’t like people to know what they’re reading so they don’t vote.

— When your story actually hits the top of the hot list or gets recommended more frequently it reaches ‘silent readers’ who don’t do anything but read, so your read to vote ratio will get fucked up eventually.

— People like to reread books. I have readers that have reread particular stories two, three, six times. They can vote once and only once, but them rereading it ups the read count.

You also, cannot buy reads, so there’s that.


I don’t really think ‘buying reads’ is really a thing here…I know that I often forget to vote when I’m reading, especially if the story is so good I’m just impatient to get to the next part, and I only recently started actively reminding myself to vote because I’m a writer and I know how much it can mean to someone to see people vote for their works. There’s also silent readers to take into consideration, who I once was, who just read. They don’t really engage or anything, they just read, so they’re probably the ones who make up most of that large reader count as compared to votes.

I guess, to clarify, by ‘buying reads’ I really meant through promotion, like paying someone to suggest to their friends to read it. But I guess that’s not exactly the same