buzz / a free cover thread / closed until 25th



thank you! i am off out briefly and will complete your cover when i return!


thank you for the cover! however, i’m not a big fan of the font, do you mind changing it? haha, i’m so sorry!!

i will play with the font and post them shortly! ^-^


thank you so much!! <3



here you are. i hope that one of these appeal to you! sorry for the delay.



sorry for the wait. here’s a few options, i couldn’t make my mind up and i really liked the map idea so i tried to make that work as well. let me know if there are small changes you’d like!

thank you!


Thank you!

The map cover is better then I could of imagined. Again thank you!

i'm glad you like tit! thank you for your request! enjoy :D




oh my gosh the last one is beautiful!!! thank you ahh i love it <33

i'm so glad to hear you're happier with these ones! thank you!



title: The Struggles Of Waiting
subtitle: N/A
authour: RavensAndAshes
ideas: I was thinking either an hourglass or pocket watch as the main feature of the cover. I really like loopy fonts, so if one of them works with the cover it would be nice.
style: simple/minimalistic
colours: Pastel colours. I kinda up to you and what you think would work
images: This is the cover I have at the moment. A font like this would be nice. It’s the only pic I have atm though The%20Struggles%20Of



thank you! i will get your cover to you as soon as it’s finished!



here is your cover with a few font choices. please let me know if this isn’t what you wanted - i offer one redo per request and any smalls changes :slight_smile:

thank you!



title: excuse me
subtitle: who are you
authour: imtotallynotokay
ideas: i was thinking of having a young guy with short (blonde, brown or black) hair on the cover (or booth from the tv show bones on the cover) with the inside of the jeffersonian in the background.
colours: blue, gray, white, black



title: Wings of a Viceroy
subtitle: Book One
authour: Kel Williams
ideas: I was thinking a monarch butterfly’s wing being the main thing, perhaps coming out the back of a feminine looking boy or a masculine girl wearing a suit. The MC has an Arabic skin tone.
style: I don’t know much about style but the time period of the story is roughly 1880s so something of that sort?
colours: keeping with the colors of a monarch’s butterflies wings sounds good to me. So orange, black and white and whatever colors you think will suit it.
other: Please and thank you



thank you for your request! your cover will be delivered as soon as it’s complete.



thank you for requesting! i will have your cover to you as soon as i can!



here is your cover! hope you enjoy! i tried using the bones guy but none of the images i found fit. please let me know if this isn’t what you wanted - i offer one redo per request and any smalls changes :slight_smile:

thank you!


Thank you so much! I’ll be using the one on the left :slight_smile: