C.S Book Club 2.0 (Full)



Hello folks,
I am currently running the C.S Book Club which has turned out to be a success so I decided to start up a second one since it’s beneficial to all members to have a guaranteed amount of feedback from 9 people who may end up as full time readers.

Here’s how it works:
Leave 3 comments on the assigned chapter: these can be very simple, but they need to show you’ve read it. Leaving: 'lol :rofl: ’ would count as a comment. Saying ‘there’s a typo here with XXX counts’ but please don’t only do this.
How often do I need to read something? Only 1 chapter every two days, and this isn’t a ‘you will get kicked out’ if you don’t read within the exact time type of club. If you catch up that’s fine. If you find you can’t keep up with the club and your chapter has been read, please catch up with the ones you’ve missed before leaving. I want this to be fair.
What order are the chapters put in? They’ll be at random apart from my own book which will go last. So whatever order they’re picked in the first round of reading everyone’s first chapter will be the set order for the second round and so on.
How many chapters will be read? Up to 5, so 5 rounds of this club which will take long time so please don’t ask to join if you aren’t active regularly. If anyone wants to keep going at the end I’d be happy to.


  • Have 5 chapters posted or if you have less you will need to have 5 posted soon enough after starting. If you don’t it just means you will be missing out.
  • Be willing to read the posted chapter within the two days and comment ‘done’ etc under the shared link in this thread when you have read the chapter.
  • Be okay with swearing or other mature themes e.g some violence or sexual aspects.

Number of Chapters currently up:
Average Chapter Length: (mainly important for the first)
What chapter do you want to start on? e.g prologue or chapter 1/ both if they aren’t too long
Mature rated: Yes/No
Reason for mature rating: Violence/ Sexual content etc

I won’t be accepting poetry books or fanfic.

Note: I will be accepting books that I think I will enjoy, I want this to be fun for everyone involved so I’d advise you to check out the accepted books before you join, this isn’t a critique club this is to get readers and find out the general opinion of people reading and possibly end up friends.

So if I don’t accept your book it’s nothing to do with your book itself and more that I’m a picky reader.

If you want to see a working example of the club, you can scroll through this thread (I’d also recommend checking out all of their books!)


Members and their books:


Hey there! :slight_smile: I’d be interested, though I’m not sure my story is what you’re looking for. But just in case…

Title: The Turing Test‬
Genre: thriller/sci-fi‬
Number of Chapters currently up: 16‬
Average Chapter Length: ~2500‬
What chapter do you want to start on? 1‬
Mature rated: No, but there’s a little violence‬
Ronnie is developing controversial AI, engaged to the CEO, and having dreams from the perspective of a mass murderer.

But just as the company is about to take its famed personal assistant, Carlos, to the next level, those dreams begin to infect Ronnie’s waking life, too.
Link: ‬https://my.w.tt/hyDb9jj3mV


Read a little bit of the first chapter and it looks good :smiley: accepted!


Awesome, thank you so much! :purple_heart:


@NicGiollaBhuidhe2, can I pretty please be in this one too? :hushed:


Yup :relaxed:


Yay!! Thanks! :heart::heart:


@RandiAnderson, would you be interested in a book club like this?


Hey! I was wondering if you guys wanted to join the book club!



sorry for the late reply! I’ll think about it :slight_smile:


Thank you for giving me an opportunity to join! I hope I qualify.




I’ll join this one too if you’re 1) okay with it & 2) need people. If you end up finding enough people and don’t need me, that’s fine too :joy:


accepted! if you know anyone else who might like to join let em know , we need 2 more then we can get started:D


Title: The Secrets We Keep

Genre:Teen Fic

Number of Chapters currently up: 2 but I’ll post the rest by the end of next week

Average Chapter Length: about 2/3 pages. Maybe 1500-2000 words

What chapter do you want to start on?: The intro

Mature rated:No

**Summary: Chloë Harrison is a lot of things - outspoken, role model student, and above anything else, a strong-minded individual who despises bullying. Not letting the opinions of others affect her, she uses her voice whenever needed.

Mason Gray, an appealing athlete, seems to take more than he gives. He’s usually too honest for his own good and lacks the ability to let things go. After all, to him, revenge is a dish best served cold.

When theses two clashes, a world of secrets come alive, affecting the pair and those around them.


I would post a link but they wont let me.


I’ll search for it on the main site


found it! Accepted:)


Thank you so much