C.S Book Club 2.0 (Full)




Also, I have to say, I’m loving the pace of this Book Club. Two days to read one chapter, a scheduled rotation of stories to read, everyone is on the same “page” so to speak. It’s so much easier to keep up, and I don’t feel overwhelmed.




Ah I didn’t comment done after completing the read!


no worries :smiley:


That’s what I had in mind :laughing: I basically read a bunch of book clubs and took the rules I liked the best :sweat_smile:




I know, right? This is super cool!




Oops, just seeing this now. I’ll look into it!


Orrrrr not, haha. It’s full.


Hey guys! Up next is @LuliWrites
@ZoekieS @SkyeSweven @attentively @its_artemis_actually @Evenstar606 @Ivy279 @KnightLilly @JessicaKipping


Done! :slight_smile:


Done :grinning: Another great first chapter!


Done! I accidentally read the Preview Chapter and commented, before noticing it wasn’t Chapter One😂 Went back, read and commented on Chapter One as well.


Thank you!






Hello folks! Today is @SkyeSweven 's chapter :smiley:
@its_artemis_actually @Evenstar606 @ZoekieS @LuliWrites @Ivy279 @KnightLilly @attentively @JessicaKipping


Hey, I actually read this chapter a little while ago (outside of the club), what’s the protocol there? Go back and leave more comments or read the next one? (Sorry for making things difficult!)


No worries, I should have mentioned it before! When that happens just read the next one :sweat_smile: