C.S Book Club 3.0 (Full)

I am currently running the C.S Book Club 1 and 2 which have turned out to be a success so I decided to start up a third due to the number of people who have been submitting entries to the full clubs and I do not mind running another one since it’s beneficial to all members to have a guaranteed amount of feedback from 9 people who may end up as full time readers.

Here’s how it works:
Leave 3 comments on the assigned chapter: these can be very simple, but they need to show you’ve read it. Leaving: 'lol :rofl: ’ would count as a comment. Saying ‘there’s a typo here with XXX counts’ but please don’t only do this.
How often do I need to read something? Only 1 chapter every two days, and this isn’t a ‘you will get kicked out’ if you don’t read within the exact time type of club. If you catch up that’s fine. If you find you can’t keep up with the club and your chapter has been read, please catch up with the ones you’ve missed before leaving. I want this to be fair.
Note: However, if you do not comment/read/ or be active for over a month with no notice I will have to remove you from the cycle.
What order are the chapters put in? They’ll be at random apart from my own book which will go last. So whatever order they’re picked in the first round of reading everyone’s first chapter will be the set order for the second round and so on.
How many chapters will be read? Up to 5, so 5 rounds of this club which will take a long time so please don’t ask to join if you aren’t active regularly. If anyone wants to keep going at the end I’d be happy to.


  • Have 5 chapters posted or if you have less you will need to have 5 posted soon enough after starting. If you don’t it just means you will be missing out.
  • Be willing to read the posted chapter within the two days and comment ‘done’ etc under the shared link in this thread when you have read the chapter.
  • Be okay with swearing or other mature themes e.g some violence or sexual aspects.

Number of Chapters currently up:
Mature rated: Yes/No
Reason for mature rating: Violence/ Sexual content etc

I won’t be accepting poetry books or fanfic.

Note : I will be accepting books that I think I will enjoy, I want this to be fun for everyone involved so I’d advise you to check out the accepted books before you join, this isn’t a critique club this is to get readers and find out the general opinion of people reading and possibly end up friends.

So if I don’t accept your book it’s nothing to do with your book itself and more that I’m a picky reader.

*If you want to see a working example of the club check out the C.S book club or the C.S book club 2.0


Members & their books :
Myself with https://www.wattpad.com/story/175406653-guardian-the-awakening

@WilliamTheWriter with https://www.wattpad.com/story/193266107-the-legion-of-hunters

@Siennafrost with https://www.wattpad.com/story/184061894-obsidian

@StarbucksMocha with https://www.wattpad.com/story/2174395-from-embers

@miladylivre with https://www.wattpad.com/story/156753205-chasing-the-blue

@phattimaddi with https://www.wattpad.com/story/191674960-king-of-hearts

@rfnasua with https://www.wattpad.com/story/190693618-lady-reaper-reianne-wattys2019

@PaulaPespo with https://www.wattpad.com/story/187667781-life-interrupted

@shamclone with https://www.wattpad.com/story/191501454-confutatis-maledictis

@Raykon16 with https://www.wattpad.com/story/189090287-reikon-wattys2019


@WilliamTheWriter if you’re still interested the new club is open

Ok, thank you!
Title: The Legion of Hunters
Genre: YA Fantasy/Action
Number of Chapters currently up: 9
Mature rated: No
Summary: In Threlkeld, death is a thriving trade. Assassins known as Hunters are hired to track down and dispatch of their marks without guilt or mercy, and Lorca is one of them.

When a great tragedy befalls her at the hands of a man known only as Void, Lorca is left with no choice but to join The Legion of Hunters: those of her kind who are able to infuse their weapons with the powers of elemental stones. The thirst for vengeance runs in Lorca’s veins as she joins forces with three other hunters named Cann, Kainel, and Ellie, and races to defeat Void before he raises an army to lay waste to Threlkeld - all the while trying to unravel the mystery behind her unknown father.
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/193266107-the-legion-of-hunters

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Accepted :slight_smile:

@Rea_Rain @BeZorro @SarahSokol5 @StarbucksMocha @YvonneKindle @rfnasua @sky_is_limit @HandofRel @Davrielle @DomiSotto


I’m relatively new and haven’t done this before but want to try.

Title: Obsidian
Genre: Fantasy
Chapters: 26 ongoing
Mature: no
The centuries-long war between two races is coming to an end; its outcome rests on the shoulders of a king, a prince, an oracle, a slave, a young girl destined to end the war, and the love that turns them all into monsters they never thought they’d become.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/184061894-obsidian

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This sounds like a lot of fun!


Thank you.

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Your story looks cool, accepted!

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Thank you so much! Means a lot :blush:

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I’m interested, mainly because I haven’t done this although the previous club i join sort of … closed.

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accepted :slight_smile: & don’t worry this won’t close without notice, the other versions of this have been running for a couple months

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When do you think this will begin? Is there a date or is it just when theres 10 members? :slight_smile:

@RandiAnderson I would suggest this bookclub if you are looking for one.


when we have 10 members, in the next day or so

Hey there! I hope I can possibly join the club! I’ve seen the first two clubs open and close, and I’m hoping to join the third!

Title: King of Hearts
Genre: Action/Romance/Comedy/Mafia Inspired
Number of Chapters currently up: Only 2, almost three. I hope to get up to five though very soon, but I understand if this is the reason I get declined!
Mature rated: No but there is some mature language.
Reason for mature rating: N/A
Summary: Not every love story has a happy ending.

Not that that bothers Gabriel ‘Gabe’ Allgood, a notorious philanderer with a gambling problem. Indebted to the Italian mob for funding the upstart of his boxing gym in Chicago, Gabe skirts his payment responsibilities under the guise of dating Bianca, the mob bosses’ daughter. Which seems to work so far-considering he isn’t dead yet.

But when he finds himself single yet again and in sore need of quick cash, he takes a bet with his friends that he can’t woo an old flame back into his bed. Harper Hadley, however, is not just any old flame-she’s the one that got away.

As Gabriel attempts to win Harper back despite their rough history and without stirring up old feelings, all while keeping his charade a secret from Bianca and the mob…well, it’s safe to say chaos is bound to ensue.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/191674960-king-of-hearts

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Thanks for the tag!

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