C.S Book Club (full)



If you read the title I’m assuming you have an idea of what this is
So I’m looking for a small group of people to start a comment spam club (max 10 including me). The idea is I’ll randomly pick one of your books and we all read the first chapter and leave a minimum of 3 comments on it.

Comments can be very simple: even as far as a laughy emoji next to something you found funny, or pointing out a typo (please do not only do this) however they must show you have read it and not be generic to the point it could be put on any random book.
It’ll be only one chapter at a time to avoid anyone bailing after they get their comments (seen this happen in other book clubs)
As for how often: every 2 days, if that seems reasonable to everyone.
This will be going up to 5 chapters and then afterwards hopefully you’ll have gained some friends and readers:)

  • Have 5 chapters posted or if you have less you will need to have 5 posted soon enough after starting. If you don’t it just means you will be missing out.
  • Be willing to read the posted chapter within the two days and comment ‘done’ etc under the shared link in this thread when you have completed the comment spam
  • Keep an eye out for anyone not commenting, I won’t be counting comments so if someone isn’t doing their part please give them a reminder. If they don’t catch up they will be removed from the group.

If your chapters are long (over 3K) please mention as I can extend the amount of time for everyone to read it

Sub genre: (if any)
Number of Chapters currently up:
Average Chapter Length: (mainly important for the first)
Mature rated: Yes/No
Reason for mature rating: Violence/ Sexual content etc

For example my book is mature rated for swearing and some violent scenes. Because not everyone is okay with reading mature please be honest if your content is so that no one gets surprised with it a few chapters in:)

Also: I will be accepting books that I think I will enjoy, I want this to be fun for everyone involved so I’d advise you to check out the accepted books before you join, this isn’t a critique club this is to get readers and find out the general opinion of people reading and possibly end up friends.

So if I don’t accept your book it’s nothing to do with your book itself and more that I’m a picky reader.




Title: On the Twelfth Soul
Genre: Fantasy
Sub genre: (if any) uhh, magic, necromancy, there’s some knights in there, and a few retellings.
Number of Chapters currently up: 5
Average Chapter Length: (mainly important for the first) shortes is around 500, longest is a bit over 1k
Mature rated: No
Summary: no summary has been worked out yet, but I have a blurb.

What would you do, Son of the Moon, to free your sister of her misery?

Bring me the souls of those who’s names I’ve written in the shadows, and on the twelfth soul I shall free her.

Link: here it is


Accepted & adding you to the list. I see you have some Irish mythical stuff in your book :smiley:


yiis, I do :slight_smile:


Always happy to see that! I’ll tag you when I get enough members to start off the reading. Maybe later today or tomorrow hopefully.


Great, thank you!


Title: The Sea’s Devotion
Genre: Adventure/Action/Romance
Sub genre: Pirates, 18th century history, Caribbean
Number of Chapters currently up: 5
Average Chapter Length: 1,500-2,000 words per chapter
Mature rated: No, there will be violence in later chapters!
Summary: Trouble in the Caribbean comes in a variety of forms and is present in all of the men that grace her oceans and islands.

Living in the 18th century Caribbean, Sutton lived on the island of St. Luca. It was her home, her happy place, yet it trapped her like a bird in a cage. A port and haven for merchants and sailors alike, the town was use by men traveling in and out, searching for a next job, the next whore house, and above all, they search to avoid the noose. Sutton, however, didn’t travel at all but yearned for such an adventure. The jailor, Sutton’s father, kept the happenings and thousands of men that touched foot on the island in order.

Or, at least, it appeared as if he did.

Ezra Knottingham, a retired pirate and the unofficial and untouchable law of the island was the real hand of discipline, fear, and law. Townspeople knew of him and whispers of the legend also graced the ears of every traveler. Usually, men stay in line, reluctant to be presence of the man and myth himself. However, when a few vengeful pirates enter the town, ready to tear down the jailor and everything and everyone he loves because of a recent hanging, Ezra Knottingham comes out from the mountains and out of hiding, ready to fight the youthful pirates with a skilled and angered hand.


could you provide a link?


Found it, and accepted:)


I think this is a great idea, here is my book!!
:black_heart: Name of book: Melancholy
:fountain_pen: Author: @ltgriffin
:star2: Summary: A collection of memories from my life, and from my emotions and were written as a release. These are raw emotions, here for you to explore.:star2:
:hibiscus: Link to book: https://www.wattpad.com/story/179195096-melancholy
:blush: Genre: poetry


Also, my pages vary but they’re all short!!


Title: Engulfed by Aries
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama
Sub genre: Mythology, Dark Fantasy
Number of Chapters currently up: 6, excluding prologue
Average Chapter Length: 1,000-1,500 words
Mature rated: No, there will be some violence, but nothing overly graphic.
Summary: Chaos was the creator of all and ruler of nothing. Over the next several millennium, it watched its descendants enjoy life’s luxuries while it dwelled within the heart of oblivion. Its envy and rage grew, leading it to seek solace in the heart of the ruler of the in-between realm, Erebus. It hoped to make the other deities and the mortals pay for forcing it to live a life of obscurity.

When the Erebus and the Goddess of the Stars, Asteria, meet, they end up falling in love, which leads to the creation of the thirteen strongest constellations in the world, the Zodiac. Their love sealed the mortals’ fate, for each Zodiac embodied an important mortal value. The Dark Lord’s thirst for power has overtaken Erebus’ body and corrupted the Zodiac, thrusting the mortal world into a colorless dystopia.

“Engulfed by Aries” focuses on teenage blacksmith apprentice, Hestia Castellanos, as she struggles with her duty to corrupt Aries and her looming father, and her unrecognizable feelings for comrade, Alastair Romanos. Can she regain the courage to stand up to Aries and free her people? Or will she give up everything, including her one chance of happiness with Alastair?
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/173909656-engulfed-by-aries-book-1

This is for the open novella contest so I try to update frequently to stay on top of the word count deadlines. Thanks for considering me!




your poems are really good! but I’m looking for full length chapters in a novel. Sorry but I can’t accept:(


oh… okay


Thank you! :smiley:
Will all announcements be made here?


yep, I’m going with the very basic method of names in a hat to choose the order of who we read first, then tag everyone with a link to the chapter
Also if you know anyone else who may be interested feel free to ask them so we can get started asap:)


Great! I look forward to it ^^

I’ll get to tagging :smile:
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