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We’re nearly at the end of round 2! @heiress-of-slytherin is revising some of her chapters so its back to me again:D

Since people started on different chapters I’ve just included the link to the table of contents: https://www.wattpad.com/story/175406653-guardian-the-awakening

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Also as a heads up, I’ll probably start reading more than one chapter in round 3 if I have time, but that’s not needed for everyone! I enjoy all of your books and want to get up to date on them but don’t worry II’ll still leave at least 3 comments per chapter I read:D




nice cover


thank you!


done and nice cover!


Done. And lovely cover!




I’m going to be delayed in getting to this. I’m trying to wrap up/edit my novella since the contest ends tomorrow.

It’s open on my laptop, so I’ll definitely remember to get to it!


Hey guys! We’re now on the last chapter of round 2 with @heiress-of-slytherin
@draphy @PaulaPespo @insouciantsoul @fruitcup8 @Ivy279 @LuliWrites @nicolettem64 @ZoekieS

P.S If you ever go to Zurich bring lots of money everything is hella expensive









(It’s Switzerland, the land of money, what did you expect? :joy: It’s a pretty country though, liked going to the mountains there.)


I knew it was expensive but I didn’t think it’d be 9 euro for a small plate of fries expensive :sweat:


That is indeed steep. :sweat_smile:
We’d usually buy everything we needed for the duration of our holiday in Germany & then only spend money on fuel when we vacationed there. :tongue:

(Also, if you want the best & cheapest fries in the world, consider Belgium. :joy:)