C.S Book Club (full)




(You know, this is actually really fun!)


I agree






Done ^^


I also agree, it’s fun to see others’ writing styles :smiley:


This is kinda weird to me!


how come?


Idk, it’s normal to give the comments, but receiving them makes me a tad bit anxious. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate it, it just feels out of place because I’m not used to being the one receiving comments or votes, because I’m the one who usually gives them.


I get what you mean, it might be less weird for you when we’re onto your next chapter and more familiar with each other. I know comments from people you don’t know is kinda nerve wracking.


I think most of us feel this way. I’m a little terrified at the thought that I’ll be up sometime soon and I almost wish I’ll be skipped or forgotten or something. :joy:


I scrolled through your prologue before accepting and your writing looks really good don’t worry!


My ego is very grateful for your kind words!

(The rest of me can’t help but point out how it goes downhill after the prologue! :joy: )

Still, this club is a good opportunity to put ourselves out there while meeting fellow authors so I am looking forward to reading everyone and having me read as well. :blush:










Since the prologue is very short I’m going to start off with chapter 1 of @ZoekieS book ‘The Sun’s Tears’ for the comments (the prologue only takes a minute to read so if you can check it out please do)
Also I realized some of us may have read the first chapter before, as a solution I’d say choose the next chapter you haven’t read.

Chapter link: https://www.wattpad.com/674934741-the-sun's-tears-part-1-chapter-1-aebbé-uncharted

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Dude, I feel the saaaamme way. I feel like pretty good about the first few chapters, and then it just goooeeesss… Could be my inner critic talking, but still