C.S Book Club (full)



Done. I’m literally blind now because both modes, the threads and dark one, hurt my eyes!


I have a suggestion. Let’s please consider extending the bookclub past 5 chapters to 10 when we get there, or for those who want to? We are giving each other really helpful feedback (or that might just be my opinion).


Done! Also, all of these writings are so good! Like, I’ve never been apart of a group where people consistently are great!


Yeah I’m okay with that, when everyone’s 5 are done we can just ask who wants to continue



Man, y’all are such good writers, can you share some of that mojo? :joy:


Hey guys we’re onto @fruitcup8 's book this time :blush:
chapter link: https://www.wattpad.com/36366106-the-sea’s-devotion-chapter-1
@LuliWrites @ZoekieS @draphy @Ivy279 @insouciantsoul @PaulaPespo @heiress-of-slytherin @nicolettem64




Doneeeeee (:


I’m loving this book club, and I wanted to apologize for being so inactive!


don’t worry about it! Life gets busy outside of wattpad


I know. I wish I could press pause on the rest of the world and just focus on writing. That would be a dream.


just hope we end up winning the lottery or get published and paid (the ultimate goal) and then have loads of time for writing










Exactly! The very idea seems impossible, but I’m far too big of a dreamer to let go of it.




I have a nooblet, slightly unrelated question, but how do you guys add emojis to your comments on the site? I can’t seem to figure it out and being the only idget using smileys makes me feel lonely… :cry:


I right click, like when you go to copy and paste something and google emojis are at the top of the options