C.S Book Club (full)



Done. Read Chapter 16.




Done! (Sorry I’ve been so inactive these past few days!) It feels good to be back!




Done! Read the prologue and chapter 1~



(You have some very dedicated readers, every time I wanted to add or point something out, it was already done. :sweat_smile:)


Thanks for reading both!


They’re mostly from read for reads and critique requests. But thank you for your comments!!


They’re really thorough, which is good as an author. Not so much for me the reader who would also like to add something interesting and useful but is left with only weather-related commentary. :joy:


No problem ^^


Hey guys! We’ve now gone through everyone’s first chapter so we’re back to @insouciantsoul

Chapter 2 link : https://www.wattpad.com/684348937-ostentatious-epiphany
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Done. Sorry I’m so late


Also, is it okay if my book gets put last in this round? I gotta do some revisions on it.


Yeah sure that’s fine:)




Done :grin:




Done :slight_smile:


Hey guys! Since @heiress-of-slytherin asked to be skipped we’re onto @ZoekieS again, plus her book recently hit the 1K marker!! :smiley:

Chapter 2: https://www.wattpad.com/674944878-the-sun's-tears-chapter-2-aebbé-respect
@insouciantsoul @draphy @LuliWrites @PaulaPespo @nicolettem64 @Ivy279 @fruitcup8


@ZoekieS congrats!