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Hey guys your critiques are done and waiting to be posted. Please be sure to check the queue to see what days they will be posted on the book. If you don’t want the critique posted please message me and I can share it with you privately.


I am reading Aqua Waters. Other than the follow, are reads and feedback on it an alternate form of payment?


I mean we technically should have talked about it, because I wasn’t aware that’s what you were doing. But I guess I’ll take it :slight_smile:

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Ok. Sorry for the confusion if it happened

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No worries :slight_smile:

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Name: Shuvalini Raja
Username: @BiblioWrites
Story Title: His Eternal Muse
Critique Type: Overall Critiques on the first three chapters

Thank you so much for doing this!


Name: Meri Strickland

Username: @modestmeri

Story Title: Schrodinger’s Child


Critique Type: in-depth of one chapter (preferably not the first one though, as it is already very comment-heavy; maybe one of the later ones. If this is not ok, first is fine).


If I do another chapter it could possibly scew your results on the critique. What chapter are you thinking?


Accepted, please complete payment. <3

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Payment completed. Thank youu so much! <3

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Nevermind then, just do the normal


Just normal first chapter? :slight_smile:




Accepted, please complete payment. <3


Payment completed

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Hey! I hope you’re still open to critiques! :smiley::smiley:
Name: Hollie_Wilson

Username: @Blue_Tongued_Lizards (On wattpad it is Hollie_Wilson)

Story Title: The Tag Bearer


Critique Type: In depth feedback on first 3 chapters in terms of plot development and show vs. tell

Please let me know if you are still open and can critique the first three chapters.


Accepted, please complete payment :heart:


All done!

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I would love some feedback on my story!
Name: The Legend of the Moonflower Princess

Username: jgrace2197

Story Title: The Legend of the Moonflower Princess


Critique Type: In depth on 3 chapters (character development and stuff like that)

Also, my first chapter is supposed to function as a prologue, just FYI :smile:


Accepted, please complete payment