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Title: Is Magic a Superpower?
Chapters: 12 + prologue
Summary: : It has been five years since she was exiled to Earth. Her memories and magic sealed away, keeping her in the dark. But when her magic comes back, she can’t control and it may just hurt her.
Rating: not mature
Genre: Fantasy/ superhero


ok I’m going to read the first chapter of the stories and if I find them interesting or not i will either continue or tell you its not my style. I will edit the 1st chapter if that is what you are interested in. I will see if your story is in need of any editing should I say but I will only do the first chapter for right now.


I look forward to hearing your feedback😀


I have to say I just read the 1st chapter and I’m already hooked. Its very good, interesting and has just enough dialog and description of everything that’s going on. I think I’m going to love Hildegund. She is one feisty character. 10/10 would definitely read all the way through.

I didn’t see any grammar errors while reading. It flowed well and it was concise.


Thank you, I really appreciate that!

I’m in the process of revising, so if you keep reading, I can’t promise that the next chapter will be quite as tight, but I’m working on it :grinning:


yeah that happens sometimes. I’m still trying to revise mine. I’m not good at revising my own writing for some reason.


Yes, I’m awful at catching my own mistakes! I’m so grateful for all the various comments and critiques I’ve received on Wattpad. And as I revise I’m continuing to seek feedback. Revision and editing seems to take more time than writing!




Would appreciate your feedback.


accepted please complete payment




Title: somebody to you
Chapters: 4 (not including the warning chapter)
Summary: ”i just want to be somebody to you.” (this is all I have written for it right now but it will be changed in the future)
Rating: not mature but includes some stuff people might be triggered by (there’s a warning chapter titled 00)
Genre: fanfiction, lgbt+


Hey, any chance you could check out the second part of my book? I just posted a revision. My goal was to reduce the info dumping and make it overall smoother. Did I succeed?

I’d be happy to read more of your work in return. Please let me know :smile:


Title: Legacy of Dolyn vol 1
Chapters: 78 (complete)
Summary: All her magical bets are off. Now or never.

Cheery, party-loving Glen was born with unwanted powers. So when a motherly, bossy cat shows up with a training regime, Glen shows no interest whatsoever. After all, she doesn’t believe in the potential to become a sorceress. The young woman prefers living her life (simple as it is) without hard spells or crazy chants. The last thing Glen wants to do is fight the evil that’s ahead of her.

Unfortunately for Glen, she cannot refuse the offer. She needs to become a competent sorceress as soon as possible. Otherwise, the fate of the world will be severe if she refuses her destiny.

Thus she ends up with two options available. The first option is to accept the upcoming fate and destruction of the world. Or take the second option: to engage in her task and become a sorceress to save the world as a real heroine.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: YA urban fantasy


Title: Heart Sound
Chapters: 3
Summary: Evie’s a disaster magnet, bad guys just seem to fall into her lap. So when she gets the job to take down one of the most notorious (and sexy) bounty hunters of the underworld she happily accepts. But what happens when the hunter becomes the hunted? When secrets are revealed Evie becomes the world’s most wanted and it’s a race to the death. Love, betrayal, and creatures from another world?!
Rating: M for language violence and some XXX in the future
Genre: Sci-Fi/ Fantasy/ Romance

Please let me know if you have time <3

Lots of love

~Miss Foxx