Call for a Better Cover

I made this cover a while ago, and now am wondering if it’s attractive enough.

So this story is a gay romance, and the two characters are male elves. I have a few ideas for the covers, but I need someone to tell me which one is better…

  • Two guys kissing with a setting sun and dragons in the background (this is hard, I haven’t found the appropriate images yet).

  • Two guys sitting together in a forest with their hands locked.

  • An anime art of my characters kissing.

  • One lying on a bed wounded and the other beside him.

What do you guys think?

I would say the first one, but that is also the hardest one to do. So then, the second one for a couple of reasons

-if people see anime art, they’ll think anime-inspired story. That’s fine… if that’s what you’re writing. It gives the wrong impression otherwise
-Having one character injured and bleeding on the cover sets a couple of different expectations on its own. The first is that “these two probably aren’t going to live”. The other is “this is an important event from the book” which again is fine… if you want to spoil part of the book before it’s even read. Don’t play all your cards at once and all that

I like this cover but if you really want to change it put the top scene of your characters in the cover! I’ll choose the second option or the fourth. Anime covers aren’t really that good and since the first one is hard to make, better do something that you can without the fear that it doesn’t turn out good

honestly the font is all that bothers me

The typography bothers me, not the font. Type reads on negative, not positive space. Yes, there are times you want to break the rules (though you should know the rules of type before you try to break them), but you can have a decent cover without the title, but you don’t have a cover with just the image and no title, so plan for the type ahead of time. You can do this by using white space above or below, but always plan for where your type will go and why.

Your title is your branding along with your name. Don’t downsize the importance of your brand. Your brand makes it easier for people to find the book again and you again.

I also have things against center-justified like you have it… but that’s another discussion.

Also, by putting the title where you have it… it looks like the two don’t really relate to each other and divides the plane in half which is also another no-no you should understand before breaking.

Respect your type. It’s not decoration. It’s important.

BTW, I have graphic design training…