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Sebran and the mystery of the lost ship


Middleville is a small town with nothing interesting in particular however when a boy by the name of Sebran accidentally finds a ship. He and the rest of Middleville start to experience mysterious things. That may lead to the answer of an old ancient mystery. The answer that may decide the fate of the world.

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Hope you like it.

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Story Name: Wysteria
Current Total Reads: 111
Story Link: Wysteria Link

Yvette’s life takes an unexpected turn when she finds an unknown man in the forest. What will happen when the many secrets between them are revealed? The small town of Wysteria is the center of mystery, adventure, and romance!
Genre: action-romance, mystery, adventure

A more detailed summary here but there as some slight spoilers:

Wysteria is set in sort of an imagined world and time with some influence from the 16-1700’s. The story starts off with one of the lead characters Jackson then shifts over to the other lead character Yvette. The two meet when Yvette finds Jackson in a river and saves his life. After this the two grow closer, but there are secrets between the two that threaten them ever ending up together along with conflicts caused by other characters.

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Crystal was your average teen - until she got bitten by a radioactive spider. Now she has powers like Spider-Man - but Spider-Man is a fictional character! How can these powers exist in real life?? How will Crystal balance being a normal teen and having unreal powers?


Story Name: shitty undertale fanfiction
Current Total Reads: 26
Story Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/203453896-shitty-undertale-fanfiction
it’s only one chapter so far, but i’m almost done with the second one, which will be better (hopefully)

Story name: To Love Again?
Current reads; 68
Link; https://my.w.tt/JCWvvrhqw1

Hello! The Path of the Hunter is my first book, which I would like to update daily, and I would love to hear some feedback from other readers and writers.
Story Name: The Path of a Hunter
Current Total Reads:32
Story Link:https://www.wattpad.com/story/205145622-the-path-of-a-hunter-the-beginning-of-the-road

There are many different Paths on Imana, which lead to different destinations. Still, all of them have one thing in common, and that is progression. For one to make a name for himself on Imana, one needs to push himself to his breaking point and step up to the next stage of his Path. With each breakthrough, one arrives at a higher level on his road and unlocks new abilities, which will help in his battles. After all, this is a cruel world where the strong rule and the weak obey. But for Zan, who is still green behind his ears, this golden rule is hard to accept…

To Fall for an Angel
25 Reads

One Army, Many Tribes
28 Reads

A Sister’s Gift
4 Reads

Story Name: Miracle of Thoughts
Current Total Reads: 133
Story Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/189078424

Description: Alphabets to words, words to sentences, sentences to thoughts and thoughts to poems…what a beautiful genre they create! Penning down what comes to your mind and spinning them around to create a poem is what I have done here. This is a collection of different poems in which readers can find similarities between themselves and the bits of the poems or find themselves entering a dreamy world of reality.

‘it was only ever you’ by twenty1atthedisco (me) :))


the type of love that consumed her, ate at her until she was raw, there’s nothing left. the love that she craved, that she wanted. the love she so desperately desired, but kept it a secret.

eden didn’t want to fall for him-couldn’t fall for him. but his blue eyes like the ocean enticed her and drowned her in his love. his soft brown hair had mesmerized her from the start, and now she had her hands in his and her lips on his.

link : https://www.wattpad.com/story/205443661-it-was-only-ever-you

hope you guys like it, please do read it if you have the time. will be dropping a new chapter very soon!! <33

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Story Name: Strange Aeons
Current Total Reads: 761
Story Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/196314938-strange-aeons


A trigger happy irish ex-soldier who’s not afraid to put her tactical mind, her cooking abilities and her utter ignorance of the Magic world on the field.

A mexican Palo Mayombe priest who’d very much prefer to live a quiet life between his magical studies and his parish.

A russian engineer who has lost most of his memories and would just like to spend his days in his cellar, where nobody knows what happens.

A bureaucrat at heart, forced to he the Enforcer, and thus the tactical chief - or as he likes to define himself: glorified babysitter - of the aforementioned three subjects.

A powerful Order of Mages, working behind the scenes of the world… in the most bureaucratic and organized way.

What happens when a simple mission, who would lift the Coven of the Pollos Rojos de la Revolucion at least up the rank where they’d have the right to a home with, at least, one room each and two bathrooms, goes south in a totally unpredictable way?

Follow the adventures of Banshee, Chico, Vopros and Garaham, as in Strange Aeons, unnamed supernatural forces, and very named ones, find themselves at the beginning of a plan eons in the making, that will change everything.

Especially the lives of the three minimum-wage mages.

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Title: Heir of Redfire.
Current total reads: 209.
Genre: High Fantasy.



Night is bound to come soon. And once it does, Darkness will befall on the once glorious continent of Fauracia. But Catheryne Ashton has never been afraid of the Darkness. The centuries old assassin trained in the art of killing finds herself searching for Freedom in The Blood Forests but when she finds much more than what she bargained for, will it be enough to change her heart?

Secrets long since buried in the heart of the assassin threaten to spill outside, unleashing along with them a power so lethal, it could destroy the world. Is the world nearing it’s end?

Or do the mysterious forces at work here have something else in mind when a broken Prince of a fallen kingdom, a Queen who has long since forsaken her title and a man who has been pushed into his darkest nightmares come together to acquire one common goal?

Link: https://my.w.tt/LaMOypR1w1

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Story Name: The Heretic
Current total reads: 842
Story link: The Heretic #Wattys2019 - Prologue #wattpad https://my.w.tt/EWwWs9d5w1
Genre: Teenfic and Werewolf

Hi there, thanks for giving my book a chance :slight_smile: :heart::heart:

Story Name: The Blue Empire
Current Total Reads: 536 views, I think
Story Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/173541843-the-blue-empire-1st-book-of-the-dreamer-trilogy
It is a fantasy/dystopian novel. Here’s my description:

I don’t remember the world before-the free world, the safe world. All I know is what I am supposed to be doing now: And that’s killing nightmares. . .
Finnian Andrews is a spunky, fun-loving teenage boy living in the city of Old St. Louis, now the 178th city of the 26th region. He is part of a secret society called the Sketchers, and his mission is to kill the Blue Wolves-kill the nightmares that run the world. However, his secret mission is to recover his lost memories of the world before, to find out what happened to his parents. Finn doesn’t remember much before a creature called Nighthand changed earth into a world of nightmares. In this first book of the trilogy, Finn and his friends must travel to old California to kill Wolfgang-the powerful, invincible alpha of the Blue Wolves. Along the way, Finnian Andrews will learn scary truths about his friends, his parents, and his nightmares.

I would love if you would read it! I have two books completed so far, and the last one on the way.

Above is Red Song: A Chant’s plea with a Shifter
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Reads: less that 25 total for all works :exploding_head:
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Title: Stubborn Love
Reads: 6
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/205711483-stubborn-love
Genre: Romance, Werewolf
She was the star in his void. It had taken one tear and he was under her spell.
She spun him around her little finger, so tightly he could never leave. Not that he ever wanted to, until he disappeared.
It broke her heart, her fire flickered and his world broke in pieces.
Their bond left hanging in frays, time passed slowly until two souls once bonded so tight no longer recognised each other.

She was only four when she ran into his arms since then he’s been her protector, her guardian. He was always there for her until the fateful day he was gone with no explanation.
A decade passed and her heart no longer shone the way it once had, the light in her eyes dim and when she saw him again it only broke her shattered soul more.

Was the fracture between them too deep to be mended once more?