Calling All Genre Writers for a Fun Project

How about the main character is an introverted girl who prefers to stick to her close group of friends. She has this one guy friend. He’s her best friend. They’ve been there for each since they were kids and they always love messing with each other. They can be about 16, 17. The guy was diagnosed with cancer and the girl is there to give her best friend the best last months of his life. Something like that. I took a bit of inspiration from your idea.

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Hmm. For the cancer thing, I think the other idea is better.

Hmmm, Idk. It was just a suggestion

Ok. I’ve been reading all the posts, the ideas, taken the polls into consideration, and I’ve come up with a plot that everyone might be okay with. (Edit: more details in one of my later posts)

Since were going for a fantasy romance, how about this:

A girl, who has been sick most of her life (leukemia for instance), is now 16/17 and has never lived an adventure in her life. She is very careful with everything, because as it always happen when parents almost lose a child, hers have been over protecting her and sheltered her to a fault.

Her mother could be a social worker, or something, and a guy comes to live with them for a while. His mother, whom was a bit perculiar from what she’s heard, disapeared a few years back, and he ended up in the system. He’s about her age, but there is something odd about him, and he intrigues her.

She eventually learns that his mother left to find his father, whom he never knew, and never made it back. I don’t really know how we introduce what follows, but basically, his father comes from a parralel world, where there’s magic and what not creatures. It’s only accessible through certain conditions, like a puddle of water at dusk when there’s a rainbow in the sky (Give me a break I’m free rolling here…)

Of course, she doesn’t believe it, but he is adamant that it’s the truth. One morning, all the conditions are met, and she drags him to a puddle, to prove that he’s bullshitting her, and they both jump in the puddle. Of course he wasn’t lying, and they end up in a very real, very strange new world (I’m thinking something with a mythology that resemble the Wizard of Oz’s)

Then, they have to find the new criteria to go back in our real world, and while they are at it, look for the guy’s mom. They live a few adventures, which we can totally determine together, as well as the fantasy world itself. Then, eventually, after having found the mom, who’s doing really well, they manage to get back to their world, after weeks of adventures, and like, only a few hours have past.

Of course, they have fallen in love in the meantime, she has toughen up, and he has become more approachable… It’s been a life changing journey for both of them and yada yada yada…

I think a story like this would give everyone the possibility to write and invent, and if you’r not into fantasy or what, we can of course give you a more grounded chapter and all…


This is a really good idea.


I’ve been giving it a thought. Of course, everything is up to debate, I don’t want to impose anything to anyone, giving that it’s a group project, but I feel like this is a good central theme or thread.

So here comes nothing.

Chapter one:
MC’s life, back story, and the guy’s arrival…

Chapter two:
Her discovering the new guy, his back story, his mom…

Chapter three:
About two weeks pass, they can’t stand each other, she tries to prove that he’s lying, they do the jump…

Chapter four:
Description of the jump, their shock to be in this new world, in the middle of nowhere, description of the world…

Chapter five:
They try to organize themselves, to find people, a road, come across strange creatures, they eventually see from afar a small town and decide to go there…

Chapter six:
Their short journey, and arrival to that small town, description of it, of its inhabitants, they get answers as to what this place is…

Chapter seven:
They ask questions, looking for the guy’s mom, but also a way out, meet new people… They are told to go to XXX, the largest city of the land, where they’ll get more answers.

Chapter eight & nine:
Their five days journey to that large city, they encounter people, muggers, creatures… They experience camping life, hunger…

Chapter ten:
Arrival to that massive town, the heart of the land, where the King and all lives, with a royal palace… They find a way to make some money: the girl sings while the boy plays a sort of guitar he found. They do popular songs, which the people, of course, don’t know anything about, but they love it…

Chapter eleven:
They are noticed, and someone proposes for them to do their thing at the palace, during a banquet. They accept to go there, in need of the cash, then a description of the sumptuous palace… When they get there, the boy sees his mom, sitting beside the King.

Chapter twelve:
Everybody is shocked, he confronts his mom, she explains that she is originally from this world, married to the young prince, and was maliciously pushed out of it by an unknown rival… They catch up, the boy meets his dad, the King…

Chapter thirteen:
They enjoy the comfort of the Royal palace, for a few days, after over a week of hardship. The rival, actually next in line for the throne (the King’s younger brother, or nephew…), sees the boy as competition since he is the King’s only legitimate heir. He kidnaps the boy, and the girl witnesses it, and decides to save her friend.

Chapter fourteen:
The girl forgets all about fear and danger and starts her operation to save the boy, taking risks and ignoring her fears. She eventually saves him, exposing the rival, who ends up banned from the city or what.

Chapter fifteen:
They are both offered to stay, but she can’t abandon her parents, knowing how it would break them. The boy refuses too, because he loves the girls, and he prefers his world of birth. The mother, who knows the way, explains to them how to pass the portal back to the human world. They say their goodbyes, promising that they’ll come back every time they can.

Chapter sixteen:
They arrive back home, only a few hours have passed, it’s breakfast time, and they both have this massive secret they’ll never tell anyone about. We get them go back to their normal lives, as if nothing happened, when everything is actually different.


That’s impressive how you we’re able to come up with sixteen chapters

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this is pretty interesting, I’ve only just written fantasy mostly, romance and started trying out mystery and thriller so I’d like to improve that… but this really is interesting…

Oh, I think that with a little effort I could have come up with 30. However, now that I’m reading it again, Two and Three, should be se same chapter

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whoah this plot is mindblowing, its so cool


That’s and amazing idea

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Maybe as we go we’ll think of more ideas to make it longer

I think together we can think about the personalities of the characters. Anyways, I have to leave now, but great work!

This is a really great idea! The plot is interesting


I would appreciate it if we can assign chapters by today because I won’t be online for the next few days

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Since there is so much more to be detailed before we can really get into it, maybe you could take the chapter of the jump, when they reach the new world. I marked it as four.

Since we don’t know exactly how will the characters be, focus on the fantasy world, their shock and emotions, what they come across, ending with them seeing the small town from afar.

You’ll probably need to edit it, but I think that it’s one of the safest one so far.


I like it!


Alright, Can everyone PM me a mini bio to put at the end of your chapters?

So I’m going to start assigning chapters but first I’ll put in a few polls to determine some loose details.
Be free with your chapter and make it yours!

I found this thread pretty late, but I’d still like to join…is this still open?

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