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Hello Creatives!

FloralServices is looking for some great, undiscovered stories to spotlight! All genres are welcome and we will read every qualifying book! Complete the form below to get the option for a chance to have your book read by us and added to one of our reading lists!

Only Accepting:
English Stories (sorry!)
15 or more chapters
Must be under 5k readers

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I would love for you to take a look at mine!

Genre: Fantasy

Thank you so much for offering this service! :slight_smile:


Hey! My book is pretty much in the Fantasy Romance category. Thanks for doing this and if you get to it, i hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:



ohhh this is exciting!! thank you for doing this. Here’s my very first ever completed story, a novella.

Genre: General fiction, contemporary romance, humor



Genre: Fantasy Romance.


Genre: Young Adult/Coming of Age Romance



Genre: Action, Adventure, Urban Fantasy





Ming Yu, a 25 year old who survives through his daily life by doing part time jobs dreamt of being an Author. But due to his lack of self-esteem and motivation he easily gave up and hid his manuscripts away on a drawer.

On his way home when he turned into a corner everything before him suddenly changed.

Through a game like interface popping out infront of him, he recieved a letter saying that he is currently in one of his novels and that the Admin pitied him for his lack of confidence and decided that it would be good for Ming Yu to experience his novels himself.

[Ming Yu: . . . So I cant just stay as a bystander?]

[Admin: Thats the opposite of why I forced you here dont you think?]

[Ming Yu: Admin I quit.]

[Admin: No. you can’t!]

[Ming Yu: I’ll starve myself and die.]

[Admin: I gave you money so go travel dammit! I wanted for you to experience this world thoroughly and enjoy it so i purposely left you away from the Capital.]

[Ming Yu: You should’ve just sent me there. I don’t want to walk. nor talk. nor travel. why did you make this so complicated.]

The usually slow Ming Yu’s typing speed and word length increased a bit from being slightly annoyed.

[Admin: For f***s sake cooperate with me and gather experience.]

eNJOY ^-^


Genre: Fantasy (a little dark), Action, Adventure.



Genre: Vampire Mystery


Genre: Science Fiction


Genre: Sci-fi/Romance

Thank you so much if you decide to read it! ^.^


Genre: Fantasy

(Side note: I know that there are only 3 chapters now on wattpad, but I am in the process of proofreading and all the other 19 chapters will be added within one month)


I’d like to submit my story The Burden of Broken Hearts, but right now it only has twelve chapters. So, instead, here’s a completed story:
It’s called 1000 and More Calls and it has 29 chapters.


Hi! Here’s mine, but it still in the fetus mode so even though it’s still in 4 chapters, I hope you’ll find it interesting.
Genre: Fantasy, Mystery and a little dash of Romance (will come as the chapters goes by)


Here’s mine, I’m co-writing it with my niece.

Genre: Supernatural, drama.


Hey @FloralServices !

I’d love it if you could check out my new story “All”, a mature romance which is now finally complete (woohoo!).

No worries if not! :blush:



All [adverb]; completely, without exception.

When 18-year-old singer Abi meets Noah, a moody but disarming guitarist, she soon discovers his tough exterior is hiding more than just the tattoos that mark his skin.

Thrown into a world of secrets, emotions and sexual discovery, will their relationship ever become more than a confusing game of cat and mouse? As one person’s career takes off and the walls become to crumble between them, can Abi and Noah’s love survive the impact?

[WARNING: Contains sexual content and swearing]


Would you look at my fledgling fiction. So far I haven’t gotten any comments of praise from anyone but if you spread the word I’ll finally get noticed as a young writer. Here it is chapter one:

I hope you like it. It goes under teen fiction (well not like there’s any romance in it but I’m sure it’ll be enjoyable for most teens) and fantasy (well it’s sort of a fantasy since I’m planning on making crazy, unnatural stuff happen in future chapters.)


Title: Crimson Love
Synopsis:When your entire world revolves around that one person, you are ready to sacrifice everything, but what happens when your existence itself is pushed to the guillotine?

Love. Lust. Betrayal.

These three words define the life of Mark, an ordinary half-American student in a Chinese university. His life takes a 360 degree turn when he meets Akio, a Japanese transfer student. As time passes by, unusual things begin to happen. First, a criminal racket targets him and after that, his sole best friend dies without any reason. All this was enough to scar him for the rest of his life.

However, These events are the beginning of something catastrophic, like the calm before a storm.