Calling all writers/readers/watchers of darker themes and genre.



I used to have a leopard gecko named Walter that we found in my cousin’s closet . . . He died from unnatural causes. In fact, every pet I’ve had that wasn’t a snake has died from unnatural causes . . .


BUMP hey guys!! :wave: how’s life


Still working on that paper . . .


Lol, we should take tips from Bubbles.


I’m more like Buttercup.


I’ve honestly never actually watched the show, except when I was younger so I don 't remember the differences between them all.








Hello everyone! I hope you all taking care of yourself!


Hello :3 Finally done with my paper! I wrote the whole thing in one day . . . and let me tell you, that was not a paper that should have been :joy: I was up until 6am editing lol. I’m such a dumb ass. We knew about this paper since August.


Okay guys if you have a dark side or eerie alter ego and you transform into them, what would you look like?


I’d probably just look like my profile pic :joy:


true I see you like that.


Do you want to know mine.


Sure :joy: what is it


Well if I transform into my dark side, it would be me with fiery red eyes, sharp teeth, have vines/branches act as my veins on the outside of my purpleish scarlet skin, black ink drooling off the corner of my mouth, wear a bear mask and my curly hair look like they went through humidity.

My alter ego is like a berserker just filled with rage and spite.


Wow you’ve really thought about that a lot huh? :joy: That’s cool!


A retail worker who is allowed to say what they think to their customers


I just thought of that in my head for only a minute, I think that I am just full of rage and self-doubt of myself sometimes.