Calling All Ye New Writers


HELLO! So how’s it going up there? Okay, I just want to ask if there are new writers around here who search for fellow new writers to be friends with? (waves hand dramatically) Yohoo, over here! Why don’t you click that arrow and start a discussion? Let’s be good colleagues and supporters and backers (or whatever you call it) and let’s read each other’s stories! Game?



hellooooo ^^


how are you?


Heree I am


You actually can’t have ‘read each other’s stories’ on your post, as it encourages people to advertise (which is only allowed in ‘share your story’).

Also, what does YE stand for?




Hello everyone!


Hi, how are you? How is your book?

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Hi, how is your progress?


Hey so I already finished my first chapter and now I make the allround things and still write all the time when I can
And you? How you r doing? :slight_smile:

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I’m doing brilliant. Thank you very much.

My Ballad of the Captain Michael LeRoy has reached Number one rankings on several tags of Wattpad

and I feel brilliantly delighted by such Warm Community

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Oh, really great, congratulations!!! I‘ll read it :see_no_evil:

Wattpad is such a great thing so happy I found it, the community is really nice

Hope I‘ll get up here to :slight_smile:

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Dear Kimdina98,

With all pleasure,
I’m deeply grateful

It’s such a brightening moment for the Arts that
in 21-st century

we may share each other experiences on certain novel
through huge distance

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Hey there guys!



How are you?
How do you feel?

What is your progress?


I’m good thank you! returned to wattpad after a long time. Started writing again. I feel very overwhelmed so many things have changed.

Just posted a memoir a few weeks ago. Anxious of how to it will be recieved. I really want to get a review.

Enough about me, what about you??

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sorry for the late reply. my book is doing fine ^^


how are you?^^


I’m fine. Thanks. What’s new? How is the Weather out there?

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Congratulations and Welcome!

Well, my Ballad received certain leading rankings all across the Platform and I feel deeply humbled to continue my small literal development

If you have free time, just message me into inbox

Would be glad to share certain moments. :slight_smile: