Camp NanoWriMo 2019!



Okay, cool! Yeah, I’m excited about being paired with a whole group of strangers who write in my genre to chat with and keep each other motivated!


Hello! How’s everyones WIP going? Anything you’d like to share? What are your word count goals?


My goal is 20000 for camp, but since the project is the rewrite, I know it will be longer than that. The thing is that I don’t know how much I’ll be able to do during camp.


Only two chapters away from finishing


I put 40k. Is that too much? lol What do you have for your goal?


Mines 50-60k! I don’t think that’s too much at all! I mean, if we’re being honest, I had a goal last year or the one previous which was 50k. I ended up doubling my goal due to my overwriting tendencies and finished nano with around 104k words. Now that was too much. Lmao! Editing me really cursed future me back then… if only I knew lol! But no I think you’re great! Just aim for a word count you think will best suit your story based on how much needs to be uncovered! You got this!

As you can see my goal, hopefully, is too hit the goal, not break it. Trust me, not as fun as it looks! XD


It isn’t. The goal for November, which you don’t ser yourself is 50k


I know it is. lol I was just asking because I didn’t know if it was an absurd number to try and get to for the Camp and if people usually tried to go lower or higher in their writing goals than for NaNo.


Holy crap! Over 100k in a month!? That’s insane and I bow down to you lol

Thank you so much for your advice and encouragement :slight_smile: I only have nine chapters in my book left, so hopefully it’s not 40k but I’m giving myself leeway :joy:


Yeah but I really wouldn’t worry about words counts tbh it’s all about having fun and writing your book while communicating with fellow authors! I can’t say that putting in your daily word count each time you write isn’t fun because it is! :stuck_out_tongue: but really tho, just write you book and write until you feel the story has been told and there nothing more you feel you could write. (For the most part xD) I know I like to try and edit as I go and sticking to an outline helps but I also struggle with trying to not write all the ideas I get while writing because I know what should happen. But if I makes more sense and it’s logically correct I’m sure I’ll make an exception but I’m sure that beside the point.

But you got this! If you wanna get specific to your page count at 40k all you have to do is divide 40k by 800 (because 800 words = 1 page!) :slight_smile:


Wait I take that back I don’t know if the maths is right LMAO

one min :laughing:


Ok so I mean it’s a novella but it’s just brimming the surface of novel which is 50k but still :stuck_out_tongue: a books a book and I’m sure you’ll do great (if you excuse by bad math skills xD unless I’m right but I doubt it :laughing:)


Hi there! I’m Eve and I’ve never done NaNo or Camp before but I’m going to give it a shot this April. For those of you that have done Camp in the past, do you try to keep up with your other stories at the same time, or do you go on hiatus for that month?

Yay! I’m excited.


I definitely go on hiatus that month or try by best to focus on the one story. When I start working on more than one project it can quickly feel overwhelming to me and I end up putting more work into one book than the other. And it eventually shows. (If we’re talking dedication to a particular book I may like better or ones easier to write etc and word counts). But if you’re able to do one book on the side as well as nano I give you many props!! Lol


Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated! What I’m worried about is that if I make the primary project I’m already focusing on my choice for Camp, then that story will end up feeling like rushed work. Maybe I’m just overestimating the difficulty of the word count? 50-100k feels intimidating from the “before” side of things haha. Maybe the trick is to have enough unposted chapters in the bank before Camp starts that that isn’t an issue? I think you’re probably right about not trying to force multiple projects during that month… that feels a liiitttle bit overly ambitious :joy:


Once you start participating in them more and more you’ll soon get a feel for what works for you and what wont. I mean, when you do a nano you’re gonna quickly learn that you can do one of two things.

One, being that you can set a goal and hit the goal by basically either driving yourself nuts/stressing out over a word count. It’s hard too when you’re in a cabin and you see everyone’s word counts going up much faster and much more drastically than yours. I’ve been there on both sides of the spectrum. Whether you have the highest or the lowest word count, it shouldn’t matter, you know what i mean? It’s a place to have fun and meet fellow writers while we all talk and write our respective books.

Two, you could take a step back at the thought of writing a certain word count just to say you did. If you wanan get to your goal of 50k or higher, than I say go for it. But it’s tough and motivation can feel very scarce in the middle of the book or whever you may find some troubles. Just take a step back and look at your outline if you have one and try so set a nice, logical word count that works for you and your book. It don’t have to be outrageous. You’ll get there. (Trust me, just write the book you wanna write. When you start looking at words and numbers, it will all go down hill.) And if you’re not a fan of editing… when I finished one of my books and realized just how much BS i had. 100k word books didn’t seems as fun anymore lol

just take ur time! relax, don’t worry about numbers. just write until the story is done… anything that needs to be added later on or taken out can come in the editing phase. thats what it’s there for :slight_smile:

you got this i’m sure :slight_smile: it can seems like a lot if you make it a lot but just go in with a clear mind and a positive attitude towards good days and bad and i’m sure yo’ll be fine. even if you dont hit it! don’t stress. it happens ! it’s more normal that most would think.




This was my favorite thing to do at the end of every day I was able to participate in Nano! lol Seeing that word count go up every day was like a small dose of success each time and felt so good! lol

You literally just described me as a writer as well :joy: I absolutely edit as I go even though I KNOW it slows me down loads lol I just can’t help it! And I also outline every chapter and know exactly where the scene is supposed to go but then sometimes… lol my characters take the reigns and run a wild muck in my brain and across the page and add about 2k to a chapter but usually the chapter is better for it in the end lol

:joy: It’s all good! I’m just awful at math so I’m not judging lo I put it into the calendar and it’s around the same goal almost for Nano with 1333 words per day. Not too bad. We shall see what if the book actually still needs that much lol I’m hoping it’s more around 30-32 for only nine chapters lol


My love! You’re here! Okay, I can do this if you’re here too :joy::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m so bad for it! Shiny-new-idea-syndrome is definitely a thing! And I have yet to concur it LMAO maybe one day lol