Camp NanoWriMo 2019!



I’m not too sure what I’m “real” word count goal is. I just know that last time I participated I had around 50ish chapters and that, for the book I had, was too much. So I wanna try an cut it down. Now I’m striving for around 30 chapters and maybe the 50-60k. We shall see how that works out :laughing: it’s looking good so far but you never know!




Thanks! This seems like really great advice. To be perfectly honest, I couldn’t care less about word count in general; I write for quality over quantity because I abhor editing lol.

That said, I can certainly see myself falling victim to the stress of watching everyone else’s word counts climb lol so I appreciate the validation


Gah! I’m so glad you said this because I didn’t want to be creepy and be like “YAY! My favorite person is here!” :joy:


No I completely understand! I get the same way tbh! I wish you the best of luck tho! :relieved:


I ALWAYS write too much lol My first book I ever wrote was 50 chapters long and over 150k words. My poor readers :joy: My second book once finished at first was at 130k (so I did better!) and I’m trying my best to get it under 105k before I send it out.

My two books that I wrote last years and this one I’m about to try and finish in april… I really don’t want to know the word count yet. lol It always makes me laugh and then cry buckets of sorrow for all the editing that I know is to come lol


CREEP AWAY! I have no shame and if I see you on a thread, I will pounce with love lol


150k!! Omg I thought my 100k was a lot!! Hahaha :joy::joy: you’re a mad woman! Hahaha jk


best gif ever


You’re the best gift ever.

See what I did there? Wink wink

Okay, I’m done. lol Sorry, I just wrote a chapter that ripped my heart to shreds more than anything I’ve ever written before and I’m still not processes right lol


Awww hahah :kissing_heart: Now you’ve made me want to go read it but I can’t because I’m not there yet :weary: At least catching up is a joy


Hiii everyone.


I just published one of my favorite chapters that I have written. Curious to see what people say


Um, so I signed up for this and am now looking for some general tips about navigating the site


The bar at the top has all of the tabs, some of them drop down if you hover over them. :smile_cat:




How to sign up for Camp NanoWriMo?


On the website


Where? Do you have a link?