Camp NanoWriMo 2019!



I’m the same way! And if it’s not me not knowing what’s good or bad it’s me not knowing what to take out because i’m either attached to it, don’t know if anyone likes/hates it, what should stay, etc etc i get so overwhelmed/indecisive omgg lol which then leads to procrastination


Good afternoon everyone :slight_smile: hope you all are having good luck with your writing today! I am currently at 16,916 of my 30k goal. But I think I may step aside for a little bit today and maybe do some outline work and really dive into my characters. I’m not crazy about my pacing right now and I feel like my characters aren’t fleshed out enough bleh :confounded:


I’m the same exact way! I have a hard time committing to one story line and seeing it through to the end


That’s a good idea! And it will also help because you can take a break and won’t feel so burnt out if you are ahead. I’m far enough into my word count goal that I’m going to put it on hold to try and fix some things like actually making an outline and figuring out things about my characters and the pacing of everything


Hello! Welcome back!


Hey! How’s your day been? Get any writing done?


I wish. I get most writing done when I do wars and stuff but I’ve been procrastinating in the forums and now I’m hungry lol so probably after. How about you?

And aww I’m gonna lose my writing buddy before I hit my goal! :sob::laughing: ( 50k )


I’m at a scene that’s emotionally difficult for me to write, b/c it’s a sexual assault / foreplay scene between two girls, and I’m thinking, Why? Why must this happen? And then look at the previous scene, and I say, Damn it, that’s why! Friggin’ help!


I mean, if you think it’s important to the story i think it’s worth it at least. No matter how… awkward it may be.


Oh, it’s definitely important to the story. It’s at the midpoint climax of the story, where a lot of things change with the circumstances of the characters, and this is one of them. It’s just . . . ugh, it’s like preparing for a really one-sided fight scene, and those too are very draining on me, emotionally. Hell, this whole chapter has been emotionally draining. I’ve never written so many crying/suffering characters and scenes in my life till this chapter. All I can do is prepare myself and hope I get through it.


I think if you, the author, is already feeling all of that from writing it, i think that is a good sign that it’s coming out well.


Well, that true: No feeling in the author, no feeling in the reader, as they say.


Hullo hullo. Finally home from work and ready to put some time in tonight. Woosh what a long day!


That sounds like a rough scene to write through… do you have a lighter scene planned for afterward that you can look forward to writing to help you get through it? :yellow_heart:


I finished writing a lighter scene before this one this morning, and the scene after this one is kind of in the middle, but not quite as bad.


Food will help the creative process :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I have gotten absolutely no writing done. My cold is turning into a stomach bug so I’ve been in bed all day sleeping. I’m eating some soup now and then I’m going to work on outlining.

And you won’t lose me! I’ll keep writing! I’ll probably even write tonight :tada: I will probably up my word count goal at some point since I’m a little over half way through on my current


That must be so emotionally draining to write :sob: I’m rooting for you! Make sure to take breaks if you need it, don’t push yourself too hard to power through it in one go if it’s getting to be too much


Oh no, I hope you feel better soon! Sounds like you’re doing the right things: fluids and rest!


I finished the second draft of my 2018 NaNo novel tonight! That was my editing project I wanted to finish during Camp. Now I get to move on to phase 2 of camp: working on the story that came up as a diversion during NaNo 2018 from a writing prompt. I’ve been chomping at the bit, really glad I get to do it now!!


Thank you! Hoping to feel better by this weekend so I can get some errands and things around the house done. Moving out of bed has been a struggle this week :disappointed:

How’s your puppy doing? :heartpulse: