Camp NanoWriMo 2019!



Congrats! How exciting!! Keep up the good work :two_hearts:


She’s doing well! She still has a few more days of medication to help with pain and prevent an infection, but she’s in good spirits and can’t wait to start playing again. It’s hard cuz she’s a high energy dog, so she has a hard time resting, lol!


Hey guys


Good! I’m glad she’s doing alright. I bet you’ve had your hands full with making sure she takes it easy until she can get back to playing like normal :sweat_smile:




I think I’m about halfway through this crazy girlxgirl sex scene, but I need to take a break. I definitely know how it’ll end, and it’ll be a game-changer, a real shocker.


Sorry about that I just woke up! If you still like to do some in a little bit we could. But if you’re doing other stuff it’s cool, it’s no worries!


anyone online wanna war?


@MalandraMae are you online?


I am now. I dozed off :sleeping:


Oh my god I keep falling short on my word count :sweat:I’m like 1.5k behind rn! I don’t know how y’all can write so much a day lol I can only get to like 1k oof


Hello everyone. I am working on a short story this month for camp. I am sharing it here as I go😳.

I hope you are all doing well on your projects.


Hey, that’s what weekends or days off of work/school are for, right? Plus it’s ok to set your own pace and do what feels comfortable for you, that’s what Camp is all about! :blush:
I know I’m gonna be doing some extra writing this weekend… my friends are watching a wrestling Pay Per View. They enjoy it, it’s something I can easily tune out because I only find some of the matches interesting, so I can still have some company while I write!


It’s good that you’re making progress but taking breaks when you need to! Glad you’re almost done with it and can get to a spot that’s hopefully a bit easier to write?


Hope you were able to get some rest to keep recovering! My pup sends you healing vibes! :joy::dog:


I have done it! I have finally finished that horrendous scene! Ugh, man, that was the most devastating scene I’ve written in my entire book. I don’t know if this is allowed on this thread, but do any of you wanna see the last paragraph I wrote?


i do! i’m curious how it ended up tbh


All right, then here it is:

“Who I am, I cannot tell you, for I do not know,” Alice said, and leaned over her on the bed and touched the hickeys she had planted on Mara’s body, making her wince with each touch. “We all have our masks, my love, and I’ve worn so many that I have forgotten the name my mother gave me. I am the daughter of Lilith, the daughter of Night, the blight of all women cursed to bear me into their world. I have seen the lights of many a mother’s eyes die out as they held me in their arms. I have seen the hearts of many a mother bleed under the knives of murderous husbands and lovers. Just as they have brought me screaming into their world, I will drag those responsible with me to Hell!” Then she smiled and kissed Mara’s lips once more and said, “But just between you and me, dear sister, call me Alice Liddell.”

–from “Night: Kendra and the Gunslinger Girl (Forever)”


This is just my opinion but it seemed like it turned out pretty well!


Thank you!