Camp NanoWriMo 2019!



Hey y’all, how’s writing been?


Just finished my difficult scene a half hour ago, and I’m pretty happy with what I’ve written.


Oh good! That’s great to hear :slight_smile:


How about you? Did you get some good writing done?


Not too bad, I have yet to reach my next goal or finish my chapter I started last night so I’m hopong to finish it tonight.


Awesome! Any scenes that caught your attention?


Yep! I’m (finally) properly introducing one of my antagonists so that’s been fun. I’ve been enjoying writing them!


Nice! Antagonists are soooo much fun to write!


Yes! I agree. They’re my favourite to read and especially write.


I’ve got two antagonists in my book, and one antiheroine. They’re all turning out to be far more nuanced than I originally planned, and that’s awesome in my book! Hope none of your characters are giving you grief, though, like my female antagonist.


Ugh I know the feeling of having multiple antagonists! I have a few so it’s gonna be interesting watching it all play out and see how everything comes together.


Hey guys!


heyo it’s me again




Hey :smile_cat:


Hii! How are you?


Super sick :sob::sob::sob: I just got home from doing errands and now I plan to burrito myself up in blankets and eat soup and write.

How are you? :slight_smile:


Good, just colouring in those adult colouring books while some food cooks. I hope to write tonight st some point but it’s just a matter of when now lol


Oooh! I love coloring in those! I have some Lisa Frank ones and they are my favorite! Have you worked more on your outline or are you just forgoing it and continuing to write chapters?


Hey y’all :sparkles: