Camp NanoWriMo 2019!



Anyone online?


No, I wish. I might just write as I go an see where it takes me but if I just cant do it I’m sure I’ll outline more :sweat_smile:


Just finished my first chapter for Camp NaNoWriMo! At a HUUUUGE 10.8k words, it’s one of the longest chapters I’ve written on Wattpad, by God!


oh WOW! that’s incredible! almost 11k at that oh my goodness! I can’t imagine how long it would’ve taken. Congrats on all the words.


ugh i’m stuck af fml


Thank you! :smile:


Awww, man! Where are you stuck on?


I’m introducing my antagonist still but he asked to play a game with everyone hes with to help “break the ice” and have everyone “get to know one another” but like idk man lol idk what kinds of good questions he can ask them that will get him what he wants to know or what he thinks he wants to know??? it’s hard to explain but i’m just havinig a tough time w it lol


Hmmmm. I think you need to define what he actually wants to accomplish in the scene. Well, that’s my two cents on it.


no i know… it’s just a matter of it working how i’d like it to. so far im not having much luck but oh wel.


What kind of game is he asked to play? Is it, like, gambling, or something else?


it’s hard to explain but like… he wants to create this group that he believes will bring him closer to finding out who killed his mom and brother. so he has his group now and hes talking to them about why he created the group (but its lies), what he wants them to do in the group, (more lies) and just idk … he’s pretty manipulative but idk what kind of ice breaker questions he could ask??


My mind immediately jumped to the saw movies :joy::skull: that’s one way to effectively get answers out of people :joy:


omg i’ve never seen any scary movies before xD ironic eh? wanting to write a thriller/mystery but never even seeing any lol


he’s a really fleshed out character and i know what hes supposed to do but i don’t know the best time to have him do… literally anything??? lmao

plus the story so far has been my main girl’s POV . so it’s just tricky … idk


Ice breaker question? Hmmmmm. Well, I guess the first question might relate to the location they’re having this gathering, so maybe start there?


I could try but I guess I should’ve picked a better location … back to my notes I’ll go xD


Really?! I love them. Except meeting my husband turned me into a marshmallow baby and I have a hard time watching them alone now so I force my cats to be in the room with me if he isn’t home and I’ll crochet so I can be distracted if things get too scary xD true crime and serial killers are even more my jam than horror movies. I find the psychology behind it very fascinating


I’m not much of a crime TV watcher, but I loooooove reading mystery / thriller books. When it comes to movies, though, (well, documentaries, actually) I tend to go for really out-there conspiracy vids and found footage vids on YouTube.


Is the group supposed to help him or is the group people that are suspects? That would probably affect what kind of questions he should ask