Camp NanoWriMo 2019!



I love tv and documentaries but podcasts and books (whether fictional or not) are even better! I’ve recently gotten into conspiracy vids and I always enjoy found footage! Any good suggestions? I love having new things to watch and dissect and make me paranoid :joy:


the group of people are ones who he thinks may be a/suspect(s)


Oh, god, there’s more than I can count, but I really like Atlantean Gardens, and Mysterious Middle East is a recent find that’s got me really interested in djinn and stuff.


or have some knowledge to how it happened/who did it


Ah, I see. So it’s a catch-a-killer from the group kind of thing. The classic Agatha Christie mystery setup. I don’t see that too often anymore.


I have no idea what that is D: i feel so uncultured lol


I’ll check it out! Djinn is something I’ve been wanting to learn more about even though it kind of scares me. I love scaring myself apparently :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: this is not necessarily related whatsoever but I fell down a dinosaur rabbit hole the other day and that was an adventure. I’m sick a lot and work from home so I like finding new things to research


My mom and sister used to read a lot of Agatha Christie. I haven’t personally, but it’s on my list of authors to read


It’s usually seen in old mystery novels, this group of potential criminals / killers, but the the killer is usually not known until the end, so the group thing doesn’t happen till the detective/investigator doesn’t convene the group till he/she has all the facts. Catch-a-killer-from the group is meant to be a twist ending that subverts what readers initially thought at the beginning of the story. Agatha Christie is famous for using this setup in her novels.


It’s good. People love a good mystery, even more so when the person gathers up their own suspects and tries to handle it themselves. Sort of like Clue, if you’ve ever played or seen the movie. In a way it’s like a cozy mystery. People enjoy being armchair detectives and trying to figure out who the culprit is alongside the main character


You will want to throw in some red herrings to keep the readers guessing


oh, trust me, i have :slight_smile: evil grin


Cozy mysteries have some of those classic elements, as well, but they’re updated to modern/contemporary reading tastes. And Sherlock Holme’s older brother, Mycroft Holmes is a good example of an armchair detective. Mycroft does the hypothesizing, and Sherlock does the leg work. I’ve done a version of this armchair detective in one of my older stories, but that’s more like pulling stuff out of my ass and making it somewhat make sense. It’s occult detective, so it’s crazy stuff.


do any of u guys want to war?


Yeah, I can do that.


oooh yay! time? :50-10?


Yeah, sure.


I’m gonna have to improvise the crap out of this chapter and im not excited lol


Very true, it’s probably why I like reading them. They seem to be doing well right now from what I’ve noticed. They’re fun reads :slight_smile: ooh occult detective! Sounds interesting!


I’m watching Atlantean Gardens right now, the video on the venetian black nobility