Camp NanoWriMo 2019!



That’s an awesome one!


Sometimes improvising will lead to something good that you haven’t expected. It can happen, you know.


I’m gonna sit this one out. Eating some ramen right now so I can take Tylenol :face_with_thermometer:

Good luck on the chapter!! :sparkling_heart:


I’m really into it so far! Beautifully done and very in depth!


Now I must start writing.


aww okay! n thank you <33


@TheHermit_Crab there u goo haha!


Haha thank for the tag. This thread seems interesting for all us nano ppl lol


no prob! feel free to war here or talk about anything writing wise or even just to come chat n say hello :slight_smile:


Thxxx I def will. You seem to be in the midst of a war right now so I’ll hop in the next round or smth (unless then I’m in the middle of war. Let’s see :joy:)




wait theres still time i take it back lol oops haha


Not much. Just 49 words.




better than no words !


Yeah, you’re right about that. Starting a new chapter is always the most difficult part.


I agree there, a hundred percent. Did you want to go another round?


Yeah, let’s do this!




What about :20 to :40