Camp NanoWriMo 2019!



Good luck with your story!


thank u! :smiley: same to u


Hi. Haven’t been here for awhile.


Hey. How’s life?


And I return! Kinda didn’t write Thursday…did barely any yesterday, but I’m gonna catch up with what time I have today.


I got 6k today wooooo now imma sleep. Night everyone and good luck tomorrow (or today depending on your time zone, lol)


Wow congrats on all the words!




Anyone sprinting/doing wars tonight?


I am!


How’s everyone doing?

I’m sitting at 18.5k!


Just hit my 2500 mark! And I get to add a chapter on WP! Everything’s coming up Milhouse! (props to whoever gets that reference)



@MakaylaSophia that’s soooo good!! Congrats! What’s your goal?

@OkMeghan don’t get the reference XD but great job!




I’m at around 5.5k but I’m supposed to be at 10k oooooooops…


Mood lmao if you wanna binge catch up today, I’ll be on the war thread after school (in about 8 hours I guess) but if I’m not there, there are plenty of others who might be.

Also, have you tried out any of the crawls? The Harry Potter one is great for nano


I’m new to this, so I don’t even know what crawls are??

Idk if I’ll be on in 8 hours, I might be sleeping. (Its almost 1am where I live oof) but I’ve been trying I do wars. But then the community crashed and I got all thrown off lol


I’ll tag you in the thread and link you to where you can find some

That’s the worsttt. The community crashed? I was asleep then :joy: and you should probs go to sleppp lol


Ooo thanks!!

And yeah, the community was down for like an hour, just as people were starting to get back on (there was about a 2 hour period were literally no one was active lmao)


That’s probs cause of time zones. I get you cause I’m in an awkward time zone too :joy: well good luck!!!